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Cardi B Parents: Clara Almanzar, Carlos Almanzar, Siblings

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Cardi B Parents, Clara Almanzar, and Carlos Almanzar, Siblings

Cardi B is a globally famous American songwriter and rapper. She became popular because of her songs and albums released over the years.

Moreover, she also gained recognition for being a reality TV show personality on the television series Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Let’s now look into her parents’ biography and her siblings.

Cardi B’s Parents’ Love Life

Not much information is given on her parents’ love life as they are not brought into the limelight, and their businesses are kept private. Neither does Cardi B speak much about them? It is not specified how they met or when they got married, but the couple got divorced some time back.

Cardi B Mother Clara Almanzar Bio

Clara comes from a mixed nationality, Trinidad and Spaniard. According to the information provided by Cardi B, her parents were not so well-of in the past.

Her mother worked as a cashier at a local grocery store. Generally, their family did not do well during those times, which led to a divorce between Clara and her husband due to these financial struggles.

The artist used to lie to her about babysitting, whereas in the real sense, she used to work in strip clubs to get money to spend at home with her family.

The singer-songwriter praises her mother for bringing her up in the best way possible, although they faced many challenges in their family. Currently, it is alleged that Clara is still with her second husband, whom she remarried.

Cardi B with her mother, Clara Almanzar and husband
Cardi B, along with her mother, Clara Almanzar, and husband

Cardi B Father Carlos Almanzar Bio

Cardi’s father also had a poor background. He is of Dominican heritage. Similarly, not much information is given on him, only that he was a taxi driver and a former professional baseball player.

His relationship with Clara did not last long due to financial constraints. Cardi B does not have a close relationship with her father as she does with her mother.

Cardi B's father, Carlos Almanzar
Cardi B’s father, Carlos Almanzar


The rapper is blessed enough with a younger sister named Hennessy Carolina Almanzar in her family. She was born on the 22nd of December in 1995.

Her name has a history of how it came to be, back when her father was drunk before she was born. She is now a prominent fashion blogger and an influencer.

Looking at her paternal side, Cardi B has other siblings, but not much information is given about them.

Cardi B with her younger sister, Hennessy Carolina Almanzar
Cardi B with her younger sister, Hennessy Carolina Almanzar

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