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Charles Melton Parents: Sukyong, Phil Melton, Siblings.

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Image of Charles Melton

Charles Michael Melton is a famous actor known for his part in the hugely popular series Riverdale where he portrayed Reggie Mantle. Additionally, he also starred in The Sun.

Moreover, Charles first found his start as a model for Kenneth Cole and MAC.

Likewise, fans of Charles Melton are curious to know more about his family background and history.

So, here are his siblings and parents, Sukyong and Phil Melton, in this article below.

Charles Melton’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Charles Melton with his parents, Phil Melton and Image of Charles Melton with his mother, Sukyong

Charles Melton with his parents, Phil Melton, and Image of Charles Melton with his mother, Sukyong

When Sukyong and Phil Melton married is unknown, they had their first child, Charles Melton, on January 4, 1991.

Then, they spent some time moving between places because Phil was in the military, but they eventually settled down in Manhattan, Kansas.

Furthermore, they had two more children, both daughters named Patricia and Tammie.

Sukyong and Phil are still together and support their son Charles in his acting career.

Mother of Charles Melton, Sukyong

Image of Charles Melton with his mother, Sukyong

Riverdale actor with his mother, Sukyong

The star has a very close relationship with his mother, Sukyong. Furthermore, he calls her the Korean term for mother, “Umma.”

Indeed, Sukyong is Korean and immigrated to the US from Korea.

Likewise, she became an American citizen when Charles was in grade school.

She had to raise her son alone while her husband was serving in the Gulf War for a time.

Charles Melton’s Father, Phil Melton

Image of Charles Melton with his father Phil Melton

Charles Melton with his father, Phil Melton

Phil Melton is the father of the Riverdale star. Furthermore, Phil loved the original Archie comics and encouraged his son to act in the series Riverdale.

Moreover, he was a football player back in the day in college. Phil was a significant influence on his son’s acting career.

Indeed, he usually brought Charles to the cinema to watch and admire movies.

Additionally, Phil was part of the US military, so they often had to move between places.

Charles Melton’s Siblings

Image of Charles Melton with his sister, Tammie Melton

The star with his sister, Tammie Melton

Charles is the older brother of two younger sisters named Patricia and Tammie. Here is some information on them.

First, Patricia attended Kansas State University, where she studied digital media.

Now, she lives in New Mexico and studying experimental art at a university there.

Second, Tammie is currently studying business and human sciences at Iowa State University, and she is a top student.

Additionally, she has a close relationship with her brother and occasionally appears in public with him.

Charles Melton’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name Charles Michael Melton
Profession Actor
Date of Birth January 4, 1991
Place of Birth Juneau, Alaska, US
Age (2022) 31

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