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Charli XCX Parents: Shameera Aitchison, Jon Aitchison, Siblings

Image of Charli XCX

Do you know Myspace? It was a social media site wherein you post updates about your life, talent, and crushes. Charlotte Emma Aitchison, also known as Charli XCX, started showing her talent to the world through Myspace.

She was discovered by a talent promoter browsing the internet during that time. She was born on August 2, 1992, in Cambridge, England.

You have to keep reading this article! We have information about the dating history, Wikipedia-type biography of Charli XCX’s mother, Shameera Aitchison, and her father, Jon Aitchison. Also, read about her siblings.

Charli XCX Parents Love Life

Image of Charli XCX's parents, Shameera and Jon Aitchison
Charli XCX’s parents, Shameera and Jon Aitchison

Although the parents of the young talented singer are very supportive of her singing career, they were not happy about her career at the beginning.

The person who worked as a promoter discovered their daughter handled many illegal raves that could get Charli in trouble, but they had no choice. Jon and Shameera got a loan when the singer was only 14 years old to fund her music career.

There was no information on where and when the wedding of Jon and Shameera happened. If an update is released to the public, our team will add it here.

Charli XCX Mother, Shameera Aitchison

Image of Charli XCX with her mother, Shameera Aitchison
Charli XCX with her mother, Shameera Aitchison

The singer and her mother seem to be very close. Their mother-daughter relationship is always posted on social media. Charli greeted her mother, Shameera, a happy mother’s day in a social media post.

It is noticeable that even though, in the beginning, she was not in favor of her daughter’s career path, she still loves her.

Shameera is an Indian that came from a family in Uganda, and she also had experience working as a flight attendant. Aside from being a flight attendant, she also worked as a nurse, and people saw her as a good role model to her child.

Charli XCX’s Father, Jon Aitchison

Image of Young Charli XCX with her father, Jon Aitchison
Charli XCX with her father, Jon Aitchison

The father of the 29-year-old singer is Jon Aitchison. He is an entrepreneur and married to Shameera. In different social media posts, the actress shares pictures of her and Jon enjoying life.

The relationship between Jon to his daughter is on good terms. He is very supportive of her daughter’s career but admitted that at the beginning, he was not happy with her daughter going to illegal shows and raves to showcase her talent.

Charli XCX Siblings

According to media outlets, Jon and Shameera only had Charli as their child. There was no news whether the singer had a half-sister or half-brother.

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