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Frida Kahlo Parents: Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez, Guillermo Kahlo, Siblings

Image of Frida Khalo

Painting is a hobby that does not require much skill in the art but needs passion and conviction to finish what you started. Frida Kahlo was able to show the people some essential issues that her generation was facing. She was well-known for her artworks that contained subjects about race, gender, and questions of identity. She was born in Coyoacan, Mexico City, on July 6, 1907.

To learn more about the information of Frida Kahlo’s mother, father, and siblings, keep reading this article because we have their Wikipedia-like biography, names, and other details.

Frida Kahlo’s Parents Love Life

Image of Frida Kahlo's parents, Guillermo Khalo and Matilde Caldero y Gonzales

Frida Kahlo’s parents, Guillermo Khalo and Matilde Caldero y Gonzales

At the young age of 23, the parents of Frida decided to marry each other in the year 1898. Details about their love history were not publicized, but we will update this site once there are new updates. Frida’s parents appeared to support their daughter as being artistic is in the family’s bloodline. With his father being considered a renowned photographer, Frida explored areas that were somehow related to her father’s profession.

Frida Kahlo’s Mother, Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez

Image of Frida Khalo's mother, Matilde Caldero y Gonzales

Frida Khalo’s mother, Matilde Caldero y Gonzales

Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez was born in year 1874. Aside from the painter’s mother’s birth year, no information appeared on other social media platforms and outlets. However, when Matilde died, it was revealed to the public; it was in 1932 when she was 58 years old. The burial place and exact location where she died are still unknown today.

Frida Kahlo’s Father, Guillermo Kahlo

Image of Frida Khalo's father, Guillermo Khalo

Frida Khalo’s father, Guillermo Khalo

The talent for looking at subjects and making artworks for them is truly an extraordinary ability that Guillermo Kahlo had. He was famous for being a photographer.

Guillermo documented some of his country’s beautiful churches, architectural places, streets, and landmarks. Moreover, people identified his work as vital to society since it contains essential details of the sites and has a historical value.

On October 26, 1871, he was born in Pforzheim, Grand Duchy of Baden. Unfortunately, the famous photographer died on April 14, 1941.

Frida Kahlo’s Siblings

Image of Frida Khalo with her family

Frida Khalo with her family

The famous artist had four brothers and two half-siblings. Some of the names of her siblings were not shown on online platforms, but three of them were available. Frida has three sisters who are Matilde, Adriana, and Cristina.

Like every other family, some conflicts arise within their home, Frida caught one of her sisters having an affair with her husband, and she condemned the action for a long time but decided to forgive her spouse.

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