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Gabriel Fernandez Parents: Pearl Fernandez, Arnold Contreras, Siblings.

Image of Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents’ Love Life. If you like watching Netflix documentaries, you might be familiar with the case of Gabriel Fernandez.

Moreover, his mom and his mom’s boyfriend abused and tortured him.

Please get to know the person responsible for the kid’s demise, his mother, Pearl Fernandez.

Also, learn about Gabriel’s birth father, Arnold Contreras.

Gabriel Fernandez was born to parents Pearl Fernandez and Arnold Contreras.

The story of how Pearl and Arnold became a couple is unknown. Moreover, they have four children, and one of them is Gabriel.

Furthermore, Pearl and Arnold’s relationship did not work out for unknown reasons.

Gabriel Fernandez’s Father, Arnold Contreras

Image of Gabriel Fernandez's father, Arnold Contreras
Gabriel Fernandez’s father, Arnold Contreras

Gabriel’s father is Arnold Contreras. Unfortunately, information about his birthday and early life are unknown.

Moreover, Arnold was in jail for robbery during his son’s abuse.

The heartbroken father revealed that he learned about his son’s death from the prison’s chaplain.

Furthermore, Arnold testified that the death of his son impacted his life.

“The family won’t ever be the same, everyone. Everyone was affected.” Arnold said as he testified.

Gabriel Fernandez’s mother, Pearl Fernandez

Image of Gabriel Fernandez's mother, Pearl Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez’s mother, Pearl Fernandez

Gabriel’s mother is Pearl Fernandez. Moreover, her parents are Sandra and Robert Fernandez. Furthermore, she was born on August 29, 1983.

Pearl did not have an easy childhood. Her father would be in and out of prison while her mother constantly hits her.

Furthermore, Pearl left her home when she was 11. In addition, Pearl said that all her romantic partners were abusive towards her.

She is the main suspect in abusing and torturing her son. Pearl was the one who reported to the police that her son was not breathing.

Furthermore, she claims to have mental health issues, one of them being a developmental disability.

Moreover, a psychologist said that Pearl could not think her behavior through.

Pearl Fernandez is facing first-degree murder and now serves a life sentence. She is also not eligible for parole.

Gabriel Fernandez’s Siblings

Gabriel Fernandez has three siblings. However, only two of them have been named.

Ezequiel and Virginia are now safe in the hands of other family members.

Moreover, Pearl used them to deceive social workers. Ezequiel feared for his life; that is why he chose to lie.

Gabriel Fernandez’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Gabriel Fernandez

Date of Birth

February 20, 2005



Age (2022)

I would have been 17 years old. Eight years old when he dies


Pearl Fernandez and Arnold Contreras


Ezequiel and Virginia

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