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Gabrielle Thomas Parents: Jennifer Randall, Desmond Thomas, Siblings

Image of Gabrielle Thomas

Gabrielle Thomas is an Olympic medalist known for her sports track. She earned three bronze medals and two silvers in her track career.

Thomas was born on December 7, 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 25-year-old athlete graduated from prestigious universities like Harvard University and the University of Texas in Austin.

The athlete played different sports when she was in her high school years, and she played softball, soccer, and track at Williston Northampton.

Thomas initially got inspired to continue track because of Allyson Felix, an athlete.

Gabrielle Thomas graduated from Harvard with a degree in Neurobiology and Global Health.

Read the article below to know more details about Gabrielle Thomas’s parents’ biography, love life, and career.

Gabrielle Thomas’s Parents’ Love Life


The family Gabrielle settled in Florence, Massachusetts. The Olympic medalist is from a big family.

She has six siblings, and Thomas is the only six children to be an accomplished olympian athlete.

Unfortunately, reporters can share no information regarding Gabrielle’s parents’ early life.

However, this article knows that she is the daughter of Jennifer Randall and Desmond Thomas.

They have been supportive of Gabrielle’s career but remained quiet about their daughter’s fame.

Gabrielle Thomas’ mother: Jennifer Randall


Jennifer Randall is the mother of Gabrielle Thomas. Personal details about the athlete’s mother are not identified and shared with the public.

According to sources, the mother of six is supportive and has been caring for all of her children.

Jennifer moved to Massachusetts to teach at the University of Massachusetts as a young woman during her time.

Jennifer is also known to her kids as a well-educated person. Other than teaching, she also completed her doctorate at Emory University.

As of the moment, other important details like her career and early life are not known and shared with the public.

Gabrielle Thomas’ father: Desmond Thomas

Thomas’s father is Desmond Thomas. According to the athlete, her parents supported her field, which led her to achieve and win competitions in different categories.

Her father, Desmond, also showed her the encouragement she always seeks whenever she joins competitions worldwide.

The athlete owes almost everything to her parents.

Learning from them being disciplined and consistent throughout her training helped her win multiple medals, and she has become famous because of her talent in track.

Further information about Gabrielle Thomas’s father is still unknown and under research.

Gabrielle Thomas’ Siblings


Gabrielle Thomas has six siblings. Gabrielle has a twin brother and two other younger brothers. However, reporters can only gather three of the six siblings that the athlete has.

It is assumed that the rest of Thomas’s siblings are already sisters of, Gabrielle.

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