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Gary Coleman Parents : W.G Coleman, Edmonia Sue, Siblings

Image of Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman is known for being a child actor during the 80s. His life was a bit complicated compared to many actors in the entertainment industry.

Gary Coleman was born in Zion, Illinois, on February 8, 1968. Unfortunately, his biological parents are not known. The parents did not know that Gary was already severely sick during the actor’s earliest childhood.

They cared for him and paid for his transplants twice as a baby. A couple named willie Coleman and Edmonia Sue adopted Gary at four days old.

To know more about Gary Coleman’s Parents and biography, read the article below.

Gary Coleman Parent’s love life

Image of Gary Coleman's parents, W.G Coleman and Edmonia Sue

Gary Coleman’s parents, W.G Coleman and Edmonia Sue

The parents of Gary Coleman are Edmonia Sue and Willie Coleman. Gary Coleman’s parents did not know their life, but during the earliest childhood of Gary, his adoptive parents took care of him.

After the couple decided to take Gary home and treat him as their real son, they were his adoptive parents. The famous child actor was diagnosed with multiple diseases like kidney disease and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

It was difficult for the couple, but they worked for Gary to achieve transplants and more medications. However, after their son’s success, some problems occurred that made Gary file a lawsuit against them.

Many have confirmed that his parents took at most 1.3 million USD in his savings without having permission from the actor. Details about how and when the couple met before Gary arrived in their lives are not known.

Gary Coleman’s mother, Edmonia Sue Biography

There is only a little information about Gary Coleman’s mother.

Edmonia Sue was a nurse during their time. Before getting married and during her motherhood years, there are no related stories. And that is the only occupation and personal detail that Edmonia has.

Gary Coleman’s W.G Coleman Biography

Gary Coleman’s father is W.G Coleman or also known as Willie Coleman. Willie was a forklift operator when he decided to adopt Gary.

Little information is only available with Gary Coleman’s father; no further reports regarding the father have been revealed years after the death of their son. However, after Gary’s death, they mourned and remained disappointed with the unfortunately short life of their son.

Gary Coleman’s Siblings

There are no reports regarding Gary Coleman’s siblings. He is the only kid that the couple, Willie and Edomonia, had throughout their marriage.

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