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Hermione Granger Parents: Monica Wilkins, Wendell Wilkins, Siblings

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Image of Hermione Granger in Hogwarts

Hermione Jean Granger, born on the 19th of September, 1979, is a fictional character that appears in the novel series Harry Potter, which is written by acclaimed author J.K. Rowling. Moreover, Hermione is one of the main characters in the story.

Indeed, Emma Watson portrayed the character in the film adaptation of the book series and “Hermione” became a household name. Indeed, she is one of the most beloved and favorite characters among all fictional characters.

Thus, for those who do not know yet, here is all the information on Hermione Granger’s parents, Monica and Wendell Wilkins as well as her siblings.

Hermione Granger Parents Love Life

Hermione’s parents, simply known as Mr. and Mrs. Granger were ordinary people who could not use magic, in other words: a muggle.

Additionally, her parents were both dentists with a doctorate, which is probably where they met. Then, they dated each other before ultimately getting married. So, Ms. Granger gave birth to Hermione on September 19, 1979. Subsequently, when they discovered that their daughter had special powers as a witch, they still accepted her and were proud to be her parents.

Image of Hermione Granger's parents, Wendell and Monica Wilkins, with Mr. Wesley
Hermione Granger’s parents, Wendell and Monica Wilkins, with Mr. Wesley

Additionally, for a time, Hermoine altered their memories and they became Wendell and Monica Wilkins, respectively. Nevertheless, they loved their daughter dearly.

Father Wendell Wilkins

Image of Hermione Granger's father, Wendell Wilkins
Hermione Granger’s father, Wendell Wilkins

Hermione’s father, Mr. Granger or temporarily known as Wendell Wilkins, was the child of muggle parents. Consequently, that is why he is a muggle himself. Moreover, he was a smart man who worked in dentistry, which is probably where he met his wife.

Mother Monica Wilkins

Image of Hermione Granger's mother, Monica Wilkins
Hermione Granger’s mother, Monica Wilkins

Like her husband, Monica was working as a dentist in London. Additionally, they most likely met each other there since they were both practicing dentists based in London.

Eventually, they got married and lived in a house around England, and raised their amazing daughter, Hermoine Granger. Although they could not use magic, they supported their daughter once they found out that she had special abilities.


In fact, Rowling originally planned to give Hermione a little sister, Miss Granger who was a muggle like her parents. However, the author was not able to introduce the character in time, and the chance has passed. Consequently, Hermione is an only child in the Harry Potter series.

Quick Facts

Full NameHermione Jean Granger
Date of BirthSeptember 19, 1979
Place of BirthEngland, Great Britain
Age (2022)42
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseRonald Weasley
Children2 children

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