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Iain Armitage Parents: Lee Armitage, Euan Morto, Siblings

The Big Bang Theory TV series is one of the best shows. The writers, producers, and the director hooked most of its audiences because it is a comedic show. Only at a young age did Iain Armitage flawlessly execute his role as Sheldon, which led him to tremendous fame.

The actors in that show successfully brought the character to its real purpose. The exhibition includes Iain Armitage, who played Sheldon Cooper as a young boy for the series.

On July 15, 2008, Iain Armitage was born in Georgia, United States. The young actor started his career in the entertainment industry at 6, and he has already accepted roles in several movies and TV shows.

With a total number of five films and adding TV shows to his career, Armitage remains ahead in his career. He received last 2018 an award for being the Best Performance in TV.

Armitage grew up in a family where his parents are professionals in the entertainment world. His parents have been proud of his success. He is the only child of Lee Armitage and Euan Morton.

No wonder the young actor has followed in his parent’s footsteps in the process.

Read the article below to know more details about Iain Armitage’s parents’ love life, biography, and career.

Iain Armitage’s Parents’ love life


Iain Armitage’s parents’ love life information is not shared with the public. However, according to reliable sources, Lee Armitage and Euan Morton were married in 2004, and they had their first child four years into the marriage.

Lee and Euan named their son after their favorite and most respected actor, Ian McKellen, who played significant roles in the movie industry like The Lord of the Rings and X-Men series.

The couple influenced Iain into their work. It is known that Lee and Euan are in the theater and entertainment industry, and it led to Iain loving play-acting with his parents and doing it as his career.Att a young ag, Iain successfully found his passion and continuede to pursue acting without any external factors that might lead him to stop in the industry.

Iain Armitage mother :



The star’s mother is Lee Armitage. Many were surprised that the former actress and a current theater producer had a son who immediately gathered popularity in the industry.

Lee also appeared in some movies like Bring It On Worldwide last 2017, where she played as a cheerleader.

Interviews with Iain’s mother led the public to know that Lee is a proud mother and has supported more of her son’s accomplishments than hers.

Further details about Lee’s birthdate, early life are not shared with the public.

Iain Armitage’s father: Euan Morton

Image of Iain Armitage with his father, Euan Morton
Iain Armitage with his father, Euan Morton

Euan Morton is the father of Iain Armitage. Morton works as an actor and a singer.

Euan was born and raised in Falkirk, Scotland. As mentioned, Iain came from a family of actors, and it led the young actor to try and get inspired by his family’s daily work.

Euan garnered fame in his play called Silent Treatment in 2001. Morton also played and is a member of the cast of several musicals like Taboo and Hamilton.

Iain Armitage siblings

The young actor, Iain Armitage, is reported to have no siblings.

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