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Jasmine Sanders Parents: Ursula Sanders, Siblings

Image of Jasmine Sanders

Some buyers wonder if the people who model in famous brands of clothing, shoes, and bags are well-known people.

Jasmine Sanders became a model for favorite brands like Nike, Bvlgari, Victoria’s Secret PINK, American Eagle, and Gap.

She was labeled as the “Golden Barbie” that came from one of her teachers and some friends in her childhood. She was born in Frankenthal, Germany, on June 22, 1991.

This article has all the information you need regarding the Wikipedia-like biography, names, and love life of Jasmine Sanders’ mother, father, and siblings, so keep surfing this article!

Jasmine Sanders Parents’ Love Life

Image of Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders, also known as Golden Barbie, is a German-American model and fashion personality.

Little information was shared by Jasmine to the public when she talked about her parents in an interview.

The famous model for various magazines stated that her father and mother met in Germany.

During that time, the model’s father served in the military and was stationed in Germany, and eventually, Jasmine was born.

Jasmine Sanders’ Mother, Ursula Sanders

Image of Jasmine Sanders with her mother, Ursula Sanders

Jasmine Sanders with her mother, Ursula Sanders

The mother of the model is Ursula Sanders. She played a significant role in Jasmine’s life, especially when she was still a child.

Growing up, the 30-year-old model experienced harsh comments about her and some physical bullying because of her race.

Ursula also became the strongest pillar of Jasmine when she was still starting to be a model, and everyone knows that there can be a lot of hardships and unnecessary insults in the modeling world.

This article will be updated once our team has found more information about the personal details of Ursula Sanders.

Jasmine Sanders’ Father

Images of Jasmine Sanders with her father

Jasmine Sanders with her father

The identity of Jasmine Sanders’ father was not revealed to the public, but the popular model described him in an interview.

She shared her experiences while growing up with a father who was a military member. Jasmine often got words of wisdom from her father.

Her father would always say that being a girl is a double-edged sword. It is a curse and a gift.

Moreover, an essential lesson that Jasmine took from her father was how to protect herself from the world.

Being self-aware is what people need in our generation today, and the model’s father explained it to her. She was thankful for her father’s advice and encouragement.

Jasmine Sanders’ Siblings

The magazine model has two siblings, her older sister named, Alisha, who now has two children, and a younger brother named, Dominique Sanders, who is now 24 years old.

The model shared no personal details regarding her siblings’ personal information, but we will try to update this article once there is available information about them.

Jasmine seems to have a close relationship with her siblings as she recently greeted her younger brother on a social media post for his birthday.

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