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Jayne Kennedy Parents: Virginia Harrison, Herbert Harrison, Siblings.

Jayne Kennedy is an actress and TV celebrity. Moreover, she is also a producer and sports broadcaster. In addition, Jayne was also Miss Ohio in 1970.

She was born to African-American parents who taught her to strive hard in life.

In this write-up, get to know Jayne Kennedy’s parents, Herbert Harrison and Virginia Harrison. Also, find out if the actress has any siblings.

Jayne Kennedy’s Parents’ Love Life.

Image of Jayne Kennedy

Jayne Kennedy is an American television personality, actress, model, corporate spokeswoman, producer, writer, public speaker, philanthropist, and sports broadcaster.

The broadcaster was born to parents Herbert and Virginia Harrison. Both of the actress’ parents are Machinists.

Unfortunately, details about how her parents met are unavailable. Moreover, both Herbert and Virginia are African-Americans.

Furthermore, Herbert and Virginia married on May 19, sometime in the 1950s.

Additionally, they would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last 2020, but Herbert passed away five years before.

In an Instagram caption, Jayne said that her parents were indeed in love and would always hug each other and hold each other’s hands.

Jayne Kennedy’s Father, Herbert Harrison

Jayne’s father was Herbert Harrison. Moreover, Herbert was a trucking contractor in Ohio.

Unfortunately, Herbert Harrison passed away. Moreover, he died sometime in April 2015. The reason for his death is unknown. Jayne revealed that her dad was nicknamed Blueboy.

Furthermore, the actress shows her love for her father on social media. Moreover, she often expresses how much she misses her dad every day.

It seems that Jayne is close to her father. Moreover, both of them appeared on the front page of Good Housekeeping Magazine for a Father’s day issue.

Furthermore, the actress revealed that her mom and dad told her and her siblings to strive for success.

Jayne Kennedy’s Mother, Virginia Harrison

Jayne’s mother is Virginia Harrison. She was born on November 13, sometimes around 1930. Moreover, the actress posted a photo of her mother greeting her on her 90th birthday.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough information about her mother. Moreover, Jayne continues to post photos of her mother, which indicates that Virginia is still alive and well.

Jayne Kennedy’s Siblings

Jayne Kennedy has four siblings. Unfortunately, the names of her siblings have not been revealed to date.

Jayne and her siblings grew up with their loving parents. Moreover, their parents taught them values at home. Furthermore, the siblings grew up with great faith in God as taught by their parents.

Jayne Kennedy’s Wikipedia – info

Name Jayne Kennedy Overton
Profession Actress, TV personality, and sports broadcaster
Birthdays October 27, 1951
Ages 70 years old
Mother Virginia Harrison
Father Herbert Harrison
Siblings Unknown

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