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Jena Frumes Parents : Mickey Frumes, Jayne Mansfield, Siblings

Image of Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes is a beautiful model, fitness personality, an influencer on social media. On September 21, 1993, in Conford Union Country, New Jersey. The influencer is already a mother and has a relationship with Jason Derulo.

Jena grew up in a strict family. Both of her parents: Mickey Frumes and Jayne Mansfield, initially did not accept Jena’s career in show business and as a model.

Jena belongs to a multiracial family. Having African, French, and Native American in her blood creates stronger boundaries for her decision.

According to the influencer, it took a lot of persuasion to accept that she works in a more exposed environment fully.

Read more about Jena Frumes’s parents’ love life biography in this article below.

Jena Frumes Parents’ Love Life

Image of Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes, a fitness influnecer.

Jena Frumes came from a Christian family. The behavior and attitude she learned from her parents left a massive print towards becoming a loving mother to his son. Mickey Frumes and Jayne Mansfield were not supportive of Jena’s job.

The influencer is known for her beauty, great physical body, and sensual look, making every high-end brand hire her a sexy model.

Since her parents are pretty conservative regarding those ideas, Jena took a lot of persuasions to support what Jena will have as a career.

The fitness influencer hasn’t shared any photos or information regarding her parents.

The pressure coming from the paparazzi and the public might not be her parents’ cup of tea, so she remained silent with their personal lives.

Jen Frumes mother: Jayne Mansfield Biography

Researchers gathered only information about Jena’s mother is that Jayne Mansfield is an entrepreneur.

She spends most of the time at work. She is also a hands-on grandmother to Jen Frumes’ only son.

Details like birth date, early childhood, biography, and career specifics are unknown.

Jen Frumes father: Mickey Frumes Biography

Mickey Frumes is the father of Jen Frumes. He is a businesswoman centered in the United States.

There is no information gathered regarding Mickey. The actress and influencer remained silent and private regarding her parents’ data for their safety.

Jen Frumes’ siblings

Jen Frumes has only one younger sister. Details about her are not disclosed to the public for her safety.

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