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Jesse Williams Parents: Johanna Chase, Reginald Williams, Siblings

Image of Jesse Williams

Jesse Wesley Williams is a well-established director, actor, activist, and producer. He is famous for featuring in movies such as The Cabin in the Woods, Grey’s Anatomy, The Butler, Band-Aid, and many others, including television shows.

Apart from acting in movies, he has also been featured in video games like Detroit: Become Human. Jesse was married to Aryn Drake-Lee in 2012, and they have two kids together. However, they got divorced in 2020. Let us now look into his parents’ biographies and his siblings.

Jesse Williams’ Parents Love Life (where they met, when they got married, love life)

We are not sure where Johanna and Reginald met or where and when they got married. The couple likes to keep their private life away from the eyes of the public.

However, it is evident that they were married and have had a beautiful marriage relationship since then. The two were blessed with three sons and have shown love and support throughout their upbringing.

Jesse Williams’ Mother Johanna Chase Biography

Image of Jesse Williams with his mother, Johanna Chase
Jesse Williams with his mother, Johanna Chase

Johanna Chase’s birth date and the place are not known. However, she has an American nationality and a Swedish ethnic background. Not much information has been given on her educational experience too.

Regarding her occupation, she has worked as a ceramist and an artist. This she did for a while before eventually becoming a teacher after Jesse joined high school.

Johanna got married to Reginald’s love of her life, and they both share three beautiful kids. With the support of her husband, she has profound love and joy for her children and always ensures that they receive the best treatment and experience while growing up.

Johanna is very proud of all her sons, seeing that they have ventured into careers of their interest and succeeded in life. Moreover, she is a private person and does not share many things about her life with the public.

Jesse Williams’ Father Reginald Williams Biography

Not much information has been given to the public regarding Reginald’s birthplace and date. He also has an American nationality but comes from an African-American ethnic background.

Reginald’s hometown is in Willacoochee, Georgia, the United States of America, and his family’s ancestors were partly Seminole and were slaves. Regarding his occupation, Reginald was once a factory worker.

However, when Jesse joined high school, he went to Harvard University and became a teacher. He got married to Johanna, and they had three sons whom they love so much and are equally proud of their achievements in life.

Reginald also likes to keep his life away from the public’s eyes.

Jesse Williams’ Siblings

Image of Jesse Williams with his siblings
Jesse Williams with his siblings, Coire and Matt WIlliams

Jesse Williams has two younger siblings. Coire Williams is one of his brothers, and he is a professional landscaper. The youngest brother is named Matt Williams, an art illustrator. Both of them are passionate about visual art.

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