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Jordyn Woods Parents : John Woods, Elizabeth Woods, Siblings

Image of Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods is a famous socialite, TV reality star, plus-size model in America, born and raised in Oak Park, Los Angeles, California.

She garnered fame, not because of her job, but because she was a close friend of Kylie Jenner

The reality and model TV star has been vocal to social media platforms and shared most of her life in many shows.

With her fine jewelry, cars, and parties that she attends, it can tell that she came from a wealthy family.

Jordyn is the third child of Elizabeth and John Woods.

Thanks to Elizabeth’s hard work, their family grew into the modeling and entertainment industry.

They also have famous friends like the Kardashians, Smiths, Biebers, and many more.

However, Jordyn’s issue with Tristan Thompson, the Woods, and the Kardashians is no longer on good terms.

To know more about the model and TV reality star, Jordyn Woods’ mother, father, and their biography continue to read below.

Jordyn Woods Parents’ Lovelife

Image of Jordyn Woods with her family
Jordyn Woods with her family

Even though the Woods is quite known to the public, there is still no information about how the parents of Jordyn met, got married, and had decided to have a family.

However, there is information about who this family is close with–Jordyn Woods almost treats Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as her second parents.

The Woods have supported the model ever since she started her career at a very young age.

Jordyn is close with her mother, and because of Elizabeth, Jordyn got into the modeling industry as a plus-size model.

Jordyn’s father, John Woods, was also close to her.

She even shared on Instagram how grateful she is for John, and he managed to take care of all the model’s siblings even if he got sick.

Later on, John died while Elizabeth remained loyal to her husband.

Jordyn Woods mother: Elizabeth Woods

Image of Jordyn Woods with her sister and mother, Elizabeth Woods
Jordyn Woods with her sister and mother, Elizabeth Woods

Elizabeth Woods is not a typical mother. She’s a busy woman with high-end goals.

Currently, the mother of four is a talent and brand manager at Mixed Image Media.

She also PRs in Los Angeles to provide for the family.

Elizabeth is a Wayne State University California graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine.

Like her daughter, Jordyn spends time with her whenever she is free with work and tight schedules.

When John died, the bond of mother-daughter got stronger.

Talent and band manager at Mixed image She is also a 2003 member of the National Association of Executives.

Jordyn Woods father: John Woods

Image of Jordyn Woods with her father, John Woods
Jordyn Woods with her father, John Woods

John Woods is a father of four beautiful children. His life with his kids is pure bliss, and the model Jordyn always shared in her Instagram account that she misses her father, who died of cancer on August 18, 2017.

He worked as a Television Sound Engineer and appeared in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Jordyn Woods’ siblings

Image of Jordyn Woods with her siblings
Jordyn Woods with her siblings from an Instagram post

Jordyn Woods has a huge family. She is the third child among the four kids that John and Elizabeth Woods have.

John Woods is already a model, working in the same industry as her younger sister, which their mother also manages, Joshua, being the second child, is the artistic child.

He is known for being busy with clients who want to get a tattoo from him.

Then next is Jordyn, who is a model, socialite, and TV personality.

And the baby of the family is Jodie. There is little to no information that researchers can gather from her.

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