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Katelyn Ohashi Parents: Diana, Richard Ohashi, Siblings.

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Image of Katelyn Ohashi an american gymnast

Katelyn Michelle Ohashi is a gymnast who went viral on social media for her dance routine before her performance which has been shared many times.

Moreover, Ohashi has scored a perfect ten multiple times throughout her career. Finally, she was the winner of the American Cup in 2013.

Internet users are looking for all the information on her, so here are her siblings and Katelyn Ohashi’s parents, Diana and Richard Ohashi.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Katelyn Ohashi with her parents
Katelyn Ohashi with her parents

It is unknown when Diana and Richard Ohashi married, but we know they had a good and happy marriage.

Then, they welcomed their daughter to the world in Seattle, Washington. Additionally, Katelyn has three siblings, Ryan, Kyle, and Kalen. Afterward, their family moved to Kansas City, Missouri, and again to Texas.

When they took her to gymnastics when she was three, they worked hard to give her more chances and better training.

Even though she was a good gymnast and had a bright future, they didn’t forget her education. As a result, she went to the University of California in Los Angeles and learned about gender studies there.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Father, Richard Ohashi

Richard Ohashi, the father of Katelyn, the gymnast, is of Japanese descent and was born in Texas, US. Moreover, he works at Sacramento in the South Service Center as an electrical service representative.

Furthermore, Richard is a supportive parent and encouraged when she missed her first Olympics. Likewise, he is often present during Katelyn’s competitions.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Mother, Diana Ohashi

Diana Ohashi, the gymnast’s mother, was also a gymnast in high school. The German blood in Diana also makes Katelyn half-German.

As a result, Diana was supportive of her daughter’s gymnastics career. Because of that, they moved twice during their childhood so that Katelyn could keep training as a gymnast.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Siblings

Katelyn Ohashi has three older siblings, all brothers. Indeed, their names are Ryan, Kyle, and Kalen Ohashi.

However, there is not much information on their details as they like to keep a private life. Although, they are probably working right now and are equally supportive of their gymnast sister. Sometimes they attend her competitions and performances to show their support for her.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameKatelyn Michelle Ohashi
Date of BirthApril 12, 1997
Place of BirthSeattle, Washington, US
Age (2022)24

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