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Kristen Welker: Julie Welker, Harvey Welker, Siblings.

Image of Kristen Welker

Kristen Welker is a journalist for NBC News. Moreover, she was also the second presidential debates moderator in 2020.

The reporter is also a proud daughter of two equally intelligent and hardworking parents.

Furthermore, she had just recently welcomed her baby girl and relied on her parents’ advice on how to raise her daughter.

Who are Kristen Welker’s parents, Julie Welker and Harvey Welker? Read more about them in this write-up. Also, Find out if she has any siblings.

Kristen Welker’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Kristen Welker
Welker is an American television journalist working for NBC News.

Kristen Welker was born to parents Julie and Harvey Welker.

Unfortunately, details and information about how the two crossed paths are unavailable.

Furthermore, they have done a great job raising their daughter Kristen as she is now a successful news reporter.

Moreover, it seems like Julie and Harvey do not have problems with their marriage. They are still going strong and are happy grandparents of a beautiful baby girl.

Kristen Welker’s Father, Harvey Welker

Image of Kristen Welker's mother, Julie Welker, with her husband, Harvey Welker
Kristen Welker’s mother, Julie Welker, with her husband, Harvey Welker

The reporter’s father is Harvey Welker.

Moreover, Harvey works as a consulting engineer. He finished college in 1965 with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. As per his LinkedIn account, he went to Dartmouth College.

In addition, he took up his master’s for two years and graduated in 1967.

Harvey was also into sports back in college and was part of Dartmouth’s football team.

Unfortunately, details about Harvey Welker’s birthday and early life are unavailable.

Moreover, Kristen is not afraid to flaunt his dad’s college accomplishments.

The reporter tweeted a photo of her father when he was in college. The image was of Harvey with his teammates for Dartmouth’s football team.

Kristen Welker’s Mother Julie Welker

Image of Kristen Welker with her mother, Julie Welker
Welker with her mother, Julie Welker

The star’s mother is Julie Welker.

Details about her birthday and personal life are unknown.

Moreover, Julie is a former realtor. According to reports, she also tried to run for the 5th City Council.

Unfortunately, there are no other details about Julie Welker.

Furthermore, it seems like Kristen and her mother have a tight relationship.

Additionally, Julie Welker gave her daughter parenting advice when she expected her first baby girl.

Kristen Welker’s Siblings

Details on whether or not Kristen has any siblings are unavailable. However, the journalist does not post much about her family life.

The journalist protects her family’s privacy and keeps them away from the public eye.

Kristen Welker’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Kristen Welker

Date of Birth

July 1, 1976


American Journalist

Age (2022)

45 years old


Julie Welker and Harvey Welker



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