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McKenna Grace Parents: Crystal Grace, Ross Burge, Siblings

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Image of McKenna Grace

McKenna Grace has given us golden performances from her role in “Haunting of Hill House” to “Gifted.” Moreover, the talented actress is only 15 years old but has already been nominated for Primetime Emmy Award.

Also, she won a Hollywood Super Film award for her role in “I, Tonya.” Indeed, no other child actor could give a finer performance than she did.

McKenna has been in movies and television ever since she was young. But what do we know about her family? Read about her mother, Crystal Grace, and her father, Ross Burge.

McKenna Grace’s Father, Ross Burge

Image of McKenna Grace with her father, Ross Burge

McKenna Grace with her father, Ross Burge

McKenna Grace’s father is named Ross Burge. Ross is an orthopedic surgeon. Moreover, Ross is practicing orthopedia in Texas, United States.

Ross is very supportive of his daughter and her career. Additionally, McKenna is not only a great actress but also a singer. McKenna posted herself singing in an Instagram video while her father, Ross, plays the guitar.

She sings along to “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. Also, it seems as though McKenna is a fan of Taylor Swift because she posted several other Taylor Swift covers with her father. Furthermore, some of these songs include Trouble and Bad Blood.

Moreover, McKenna’s passion is in music because she posted several other covers on her Instagram. Now, McKenna Grace has written and recorded her original songs. She has released her song “Haunted House” on November 19, 2021.

McKenna Grace’s Mother Crystal Grace

Image of McKenna Grace with her parents, Crystal Grace and Ross Burge

McKenna Grace with her parents, Crystal Grace and Ross Burge

Crystal Grace had McKenna Grace on was born on November 24. Unfortunately, not much is known about her mother. Crystal Grace stays out of the public sphere.

Crystal Grace and Ross had Mckenna on June 25, 2006. Also, she grew up in Grapevine, Texas, in the United States. Moreover, McKenna has Mexican ancestry because her grandmother is Mexican.

Additionally, her grandmother, or “Abuelita,” immigrated from Mexico to the United States before McKenna was born. Also, when Abuelita moved to America, she did not speak Spanish. So, this makes McKenna 1/8th Mexican.

McKenna Grace’s Siblings

McKenna Grace is the only child of Crystal Grace and Ross Burge. Moreover, it is revealed in an interview that being an only child helped her relate to her role in her movie Gifted.

Additionally, she starred alongside Chris Evans in this movie. The movie is about a single father who raises his daughter but soon realizes she is a genius.

McKenna Grace’s Wikipedia – info 

Name McKenna Grace
Occupation Actress and Singer
Siblings None
Age 15
Year of birth 2006


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