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Michael Porter Jr Parents: Michael Porter, Lisa Porter, Siblings

Image of Michael Porter, Jr.

Michael Porter Jr. was born on June 29, 1998, in Columbia, Missouri.

He is famous for being a professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets NBA.

With a height of 6 foot and 10 inches, he became one of Denver’s best forward players on the team. Porter started his NBA career in 2018 and is still active today.

He belongs to a large family. With him belonging to eight siblings, his profession in basketball was inspired by his parents, especially his mother, Lisa Porter, who was a basketball player.

Read the article below to know more details about Michel Porter Jr.’s parents’ biography, career, and love life.

Michael Porter’s Parents’ Love Life


Michael Porter’s parents have a close relationship with sports, particularly basketball.

Both Michael and Lisa are in their sports professions.

The couple taught their children, especially the sporty ones, basketball at a very young age, and it led to some of their children also pursuing this track and becoming professionals in the field.

The couple is blessed to have eight children, namely: Bri, Cierra, Michael JrJontay, Coban Jevon, Izaak, and Jayda.

Michael and Jontay are now on different teams for the NBA, while Brie and Cierra are Mizzou women’s tea playersm.

Details about the couple’s love life are not known, but it is evident that the family has a strong bond with each other, and the couple has been married for years and remained happily married.

Michael Porter’s mother: Lisa Porter


Lisa Porter is the mother of Michael Porter, who was a well-known basketball player in her high school.

She studied at Jefferson High in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and played at the University of Iowa when Lisa got into college.

The basketball player’s mother averaged twice as many points as Lebron James per game, having 58.7 points in a match.

Lisa Porter is close with all of her children, and she is a hands-on mother.

Their lives are twice as busy as any household, but with the help of her husband, Michael, they managed their family well and have been successful since pursuing sports.

Michael Porter’s father: Michael Porter Sr


Michael Porter Sr. is the father of the basketball superstar Porter Jr.

He worked as an assistant coach at the University of Washington and became the head coach of Cuonzo Martin’s staff in April 2017.

According to Porter, his father is the second greatest influencer for playing basketball.

At a very young age, Michael Sr., initiated their children to be active and begin practicing their desired sport.

This allowed Michael Jr. to pursue basketball further and became the NBA’s 14th pick for Denver Nuggets.

Michael Porter siblings


Michael Porter belongs to a vast family. Porter’s siblings are Bri, Cierra, Jontay, Coban, Jevon, Izaak, and Jayda. With the Porters having eight children, they created discipline and taught them the value of sports.

Jontay played for the Memphis Grizzlies in Missouri last March 24, 2017.

Michael’s sisters: Bri and Cierra, are into basketball, and they play for the Mizzou Women’s Basketball team.

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