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Miya Marcano Parents: Marlon Marcano, Suling Marcano, Siblings

Image of Miya Marcano

Miya Marcano is a 19-year-old teenager who unfortunately died of homicide. Marcano was born on April 26, 2002, and she was a college student at Valencia College.

The death of Marcano is one of the most anticipated headlines in the US. She was found on October 2 in Orlando.

Bound with duct tape, almost all of her flesh was decaying when examined by the police.

Reports say that Marcano lived in Tymber Skan Lake Condominium when the body was found. She was last seen around 5 pm on September 24 at Arden Villas Apartments, where she lived and worked.

Miya Marcano’s death led to great grief among her closest friends and family.

Her father, Marlon Marcano, initiated the search for her daughter’s loss, and he even asked for help on different social media platforms.

Quick search and rescue from the police were disseminated and tried to search Miya.

Miya Marcano’s Parents’ love life

Image of Miya Marcano's parents, Suling and Marlon Marcano
Miya Marcano’s parents, Suling and Marlon Marcano

Due to limited information about the victim’s profile, especially her parents, there is little to no information gathered from the police and news reporters.

However, Miya’s parents were hopeful for a successful search and rescue operation to find their missing daughter.

But it did not end well when they discovered their eldest child bound and almost in its decomposing state when found in a woody location near Tymber Skan Lake Condominium on October 2.

Lead from the police has identified that the teenager’s cause of death is homicide.

The suspect in the crime is rumored to be Miya’s stalker. There are no specific reports that Armando Caballero was her boyfriend.

The police tried to search for the suspect, and on September 27, Armando was found dead because of suicide.

Reports discovered that Caballero was found in the location of Marcano’s death 20 minutes during the victim’s time of death.

Miya Marcano mother: Suling Marcano

There’s no information that news reporters nor the police can share regarding the victim’s mother’s profile for privacy concerns and safety.

Miya Marcano father: Marlon Marcano

Image of Miya Marcano with her father, Marlon Marcano on her graduation day
Miya Marcano with her father, Marlon Marcano, on her graduation day

Marlon Marcano, also known for his alias DJ Eternal Vibes, is based in Florida. Miya’s father is the first person who initiated the search.

He asked mainly on Instagram for help from the public to give them information about where Miya could be.

Marlon was concerned about his daughter throughout the operation, and he accepted different leads from people who might be a great help for the police’s search.

With their outstanding efforts, it was devastating for the father of two to know that his daughter was found dead and killed.

Miya Marcano’s Siblings

Miya Marcano has only one younger brother named Marlon Marcano. Reporters can gather no further information about the victim’s family for their safety and privacy concerns.

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