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Monique’s Parents: Alice Imes, Steven Imes Jr., Siblings

Image of Mo'Nique

Monique Angela Hicks, also known by her stage name Mo’Nique, is an American actor, author, comedian, and talk show host. She made her first debut while working on stand-up comedy and soon rose to fame when she became a member of The Queens of Comedy.

Monique is an awardwinning comedian who received a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Comedy Album in 2002. She is also the author of many best-selling books, including Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World and Skinny Women Are Evil.

In addition, Monique is known for her work as an anchor for ABC Radio. Know about her parents, their love life, and their children in this article!

Monique’s Parents Love Life

Image of Monique Angela Hicks
Monique Angela Hicks, also known as “Mo’Nique”, is an Academy Award-winning actress and comedian

Monique’s parents met in Woodlawn, a small community in Maryland, America. Alice, Monique’s mother, worked on a few acting sets when she met StevenThe two connected well and started dating. Their romance quickly blossomed, and they later married and started a family together.

Monique’s mother, Alice Imes

Image of Monique Angela Hicks with her mother, Alice Imes
Monique Angela Hicks with her mother, Alice Imes

Alice Imes, Monique’s mom, is an actress and an engineer. She is happily married to Steven Imes Jr and has four children.

Monique’s Father, Steven Imes Jr.

Steven Imes Moniques father is also an actor who made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986. He starred in movies like Intimate Portrait, which came out in 1990, and The Parkers in 1999.

He met his soulmate while working on a few productions in Woodlawn. He is also a trained drug counselor, where he gives support to people suffering and recovering from drug use, alcohol issues, gambling addictions, and even eating disorders.

Monique’s Siblings are Gerald Imes, Steve Imes, Milicent Imes.

Monique has four siblings: Gerald Imes, Steve Imes, and Milicent Imes. She is the youngest of all four siblings.

In 2008, during an interview for Essence Magazine, she revealed that her brother Gerald abused her sexually at seven to eleven years. After abusing another girl, he was arrested and sent to prison for 12 years.

Sources say that after Monique gave birth to her twins in 2005, she cut off all communication with her brother.

On Oprah Winfrey, in 2010, Monique’s brother Gerald came clean and admitted that he had been abusing his sister sexually.

Not only did he admit this, but he continued to describe how he had also been sexually abused by other family members at the same time. He then moved on to discussing his struggles with drug addiction.

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