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Nandi Bushell: Lungi Bushell, John Bushell, Siblings.

Image of Nandi Bushell

Nandi Bushell is an 11-year-old drummer from South Africa. She is famous for posting her drum covers on Youtube. Moreover, the young girl is quickly dominating the music industry with the help of his parents and brother.

Keen to learn more about Nani Bushell’s parents Lungi and John Bushell? Read more about them in this write-up. Also, find out if her sibling is musically inclined too.

Nandi Bushe’s Parents’ Love Life.

image of Nandi Bushell's parents
Nandi Bushell’s parents

Nandi Bushel was born to parents John Bushell and Lungi Bushell.

Moreover, John and Lungi crossed paths when Lungi went to take a gap year in London. Unfortunately, more details about their love story are unavailable.

It seems like John and Lungi are still happy together with their exceptional children.

Nandi Bushe’s Father John Bushell

Image of Nandi Bushell with her father
Nandi Bushell with her father, John Bushell

Nandi’s father is John Bushell. Information about when he was born is unavailable.

According to his LinkedIn account, John Bushell is a director and producer. Moreover, he is also a software and sound engineer. Furthermore, he was a software development manager at Dervico Sports.

He was also the senior software engineer for Verpakt Management Services and Mando Group. Lastly, he was a mainframe developer for Strategic System Solutions Ltd.

At present, he runs Bushell Entertainment. A family-owned creative enterprise. Additionally, his company makes amazing art that makes people happy and contented.

He went to Liverpool John Moores University from 2000 to 2004. John revealed that his children got their musical talent from him and his side of the family. Moreover, he said that he started playing music when he was 16 years old.

Nandi and her dad post youtube videos of them playing an instrument.

Nandi Bushe’s Mother Lungi Bushell

Nandi’s mother is Lungi Bushell. Moreover, details about her birthday and early life are unavailable.

Lungi was born in Esikhawini in KwaZulu-Natal. Furthermore, she is the proud mom of two unique and musical children.

Nandi Bushe’s Siblings

Image of Nandi Bushell's family
Nandi Bushell’s family

Nandi has one younger brother whose name is Thomas Bushell.  Just like his sister, Thomas is also a musician. In addition, the young boy plays the guitar. Furthermore, he also plays football.

In addition, he is also a young software developer like his dad. His father even shared on Instagram how he built his own software. Thomas made his own game which is likely difficult for children.

Nandi Bushe’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Nandi Bushell

Date of Birth

April 28, 2010



Age (2022)

11 years old


Lungi Bushell and John Bushell


Thomas Bushell

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