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Natalie Portman Parents: Shelley Stevens, Avner Hershlag, Siblings.

Image of Natalie Portman

Even among the most popular Hollywood actors, Natalie Portman is a step above the rest.

Indeed, as one of the most famous and successful actresses in the movie industry, she has become a household name.

Moreover, she is known for her work in films such as Black Swan, Closer, and Jackie.

Additionally, Natalie has roles in two big entertainment groups in the Star Wars Universe as Padme Amidala and Marvel as Jane Foster, former girlfriend of Thor.

Indeed, people are curious to know who their parents and siblings of Natalie Portman are.

So, here are all the details on Shelley Stevens and Avner Hershlag.

Natalie Portman’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is an Israeli-born American actress.

Shelley and Avner met each other in Jerusalem, Israel.

Then, they had their only child, Natalie, on June 9, 1981. Shortly after she was born, they moved to the United States of America.

Furthermore, Shelley and Avner spent some time in Washington D.C. but permanently lived in New York.

Moreover, her parents are among her biggest supporters and are always in attendance, especially during significant events.

Natalie Portman’s Father, Avner Hershlag

Image of Natalie Portman with her father, Avner Hershlag

Natalie Portman with her father, Avner Hershlag

Avner Hershlag is from Israel and works as a fertility doctor in organizations such as Modern Fertility and Northwell Health Fertility, where he spent 45 years.

Likewise, he is currently at Stony Brook University as a professor in his field.

Natalie Portman’s Mother, Shelley Stevens

Image of Natalie Portman with her mother, Shelley Stevens

Natalie Portman with her mother, Shelley Stevens

Shelley Stevens is from the United States is an artist by nature but also takes care of the home.

Additionally, she is also critical of Natalie because she is her agent, making her even more critical.

Indeed, Shelley helped Natalie get auditions and bookings early on.

Furthermore, she exposed Natalie to different cultures and made sure to travel with her a lot worldwide.

Natalie Portman’s Siblings

Did you know that Natalie Portman is an only child? Indeed, Shelley Stevens and Avner Hershlag had only one child.

However, this is probably for the better, as Natalie said that she might not be able to become an actor if her parents’ attention was split between her siblings.

Especially with her mother, Shelley Stevens, since she accompanied her to all of the opportunities she was chasing.

Consequently, Natalie was able to pursue her dreams with the attention of both her parents.

Natalie Portman’s Wikipedia- info¬†

Full Name

Natalie Hershlag Portman



Date of Birth

June 9, 1981

Place of Birth


Age (2022)


Relationship Status



Benjamin Millepied


Two children

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