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Ricky Whittle Parents: Harry Whittle, Maggie Whittle, Siblings

Image of Ricky Whittle

What started as a model career became his gateway to being one of the rising stars in Hollywood. Hailing from Greater Manchester in England, Ricky Whittle is an actor and television personality.

When we stated that he started from modeling, we were most definitely sure about it. He was a model for known sports and fitness footwear and clothing manufacturer Reebok in the 2000s.

After which, he tried to venture into acting and landed several roles in British TV shows. It wasn’t an immediate success; however, he could have his big breakthrough, perseverance, and passion for appearing on the big screen.

He is a part of CW’s teen drama, The 100. He appeared as the main protagonist in the Starz television series American Gods.

Are you curious about the parents of Shadow Moon actor Ricky Whittle? Does he have any other siblings? Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Ricky Whittle‘s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Ricky Whittle
Ricky Whittle is a British actor. He is known for his appearance in the United Kingdom for his role as Calvin Valentine in the soap opera called Hollyoaks.

His parents’ love story is neither a good one nor a bad one. It’s somewhat regular and something that we can all relate to.

Together with their children, the couple has constantly migrated to different countries for several years.

Although this decision was not apparent to the masses, it was great for them. The couple came from very different cultures, but they did not allow their differences to be the breaking point of their relationship.

Ricky Whittle’s Father Harry Whittle Biography

Image of Ricky Whittle with his father, Harry Whittle
Ricky Whittle with his father, Harry Whittle,

we can all agree that the actor’s physique is very desirable. Ricky has a well-built body, and I think he got that from his father.

Harry Whittle has Jamaican roots in him. His African descent helped him be a part of the United Kingdom’s Air and Space Force, known as the Royal Air Force.

Although they haven’t confirmed it was maybe the reason the country was in a constant move every year.

Ricky Whittle’s Mother, Maggie Whittle Biography

Image of Ricky Whittle with his mother, Maggie Whittle
Ricky Whittle with his mother, Maggie Whittle


Harry’s other half is Maggie Whittle. There is little to no information available regarding her personal and historical background.

But it is believed that she is an English folk and was born and raised in England. Her constant support for her son has always been there and is evident in his success right now.

Ricky Whittle’s Siblings

Being the oldest of the three children that the couple has, Ricky has a lot of responsibility on his shoulder.

He has one sister and one brother named Debbie and Chris, respectively. Their current whereabouts are not really out in the open. However, it is believed that they live a peaceful life with their own families.

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