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Sofia Wylie Parents: Chris Wylie, Amy Wylie, Siblings

Image of Sofia Wylie

A rising American actress, model, performer, and vocalist. Sofia Wylie kickstarted her career from her iconic role as Buffy Driscoll on Disney’s comedy-drama show Andi Mack, which ran for two years. In recent years, she has also contributed and has acting experience in several kids and teen shows.

At 18 years old, she became a solid actress for Disney, working on films like Back of the Net, Shook, and Marvel Rising. Not to mention her involvement in the Disney+ version of the High School Musical called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Aside from the aforementioned, Sofia is also set to be the cast of the long-awaited movie adaptation of The School for Good and Evil.

Who are the parents of this young star? Does she have any siblings? Please read the article below to know more about her family’s personal lives.

Sofia Wylie’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Sofia Wylie

Sofia Wylie, is an American actress, singer, model, and dancer.

Sofia was the result of the blossoming love of Chris and Amy Wylie. Although it is not sure how and when the couple met, we can say that their affection towards each other from day 1 is still there until now. The actress has a closely-knit relationship, which is evident by the star’s personality and attitude. She exudes exuberant and lovely energy when she is on a set, appears on TV, or even looks at her pictures.

Sofia Wylie’s Father Chris Wylie Biography

Chris Wylie is African-American with a hint of Korean coursing in his veins. While there is limited information regarding him, it could be said that he is a sweet and loving father to Sofia.

 On several accounts, Sofia considers her father as her personal life coach. He played a significant role in shaping and molding the personality and character of the young entertainer. He is also a businessman and is currently circulating a good flow of cash to support the Wylie family.

Sofia Wylie’s Mother, Amy Wylie Biography

Image of Young Sofia Wylie with her mother, Amy Wyllie

Young Sofia Wylie with her mother, Amy Wyllie

A Half-German and Half-English, Amy Wylie is the proud mother of the rising star. She is of American Nationality and is currently residing with her family. As her husband, there is little to no information available regarding the personal life of Amy aside from the mentioned above. But it is known that she currently assists the family in household duties as a homemaker.

Sofia Wylie’s Siblings

Image of Sofia Wylie with her sister, Isabella Wylie

Sofia Wylie with her sister, Isabella Wylie

Isabella Wylie is Sofia’s elder sister. Aside from Sofia, the couple also has another child. Like her sister, Isabella also appeared on Television before joining the cooking show Chopped Junior and winning the competition.

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