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Swiss Beatz’s Parents: Terrence Dean, Siblings

Image of Swizz Beats

The famous DJ, rapper, record producer, art collector, and entrepreneur Kaseem Dean o, also known for her stage name Swizz Beatz, is now 43 years old and was born on the 30th day of August 1978. He originally came from South Bronx, New York City, the United States of America. Swizz Beatz’s Parents are Terrence Dean, the producer of “Terrence Dean Entertainment.” However, Swizz Beatz’s mother’s name hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Swiss Beatz’s Parents’ Love life and Marriage

Image of Swizz Beats
Swizz Beats, a producer, rapper, actor, writer and painter

There is no information about Swizz Beatz‘s Parents’ Wedding and how did Terrence Dean meet his wife, or how their love story started. But one thing is for sure is Swizz Beatz’s parents separated ever since he was a kid because he spent much of his youth raised by his mother.

The Famous DJ’s Mother’s Biography

Apart from the fact that Swizz Beat’s mother came from a Hungarian Puerto Rican lineage. We don’t know anything else about Swizz Beatz’s mother because she has not been exposed yet but doesn’t worry, we will update this write-up as soon as we learn more.

Swiss Beatz’s Father Biography

Image of Swizz Beats with his father Terrence Dean
Swizz Beats with his father Terrence Dean

Swizz Beatz’s father, Terrence Dean, is the founder or producer of the “Terrence Dean Entertainment Management.” Nevertheless, any information about his age, when he was born, or when his career started hasn’t been published yet. Still, according to some relevant sources, Terrence came from Arab-African ancestry.

Swiss Beatz’s Brother, Andre King Biography

Image of Swizz Beats' brother Andre King
Swizz Beats’ brother Andre King

Kaseem Dean or Swizz Beatz has a younger brother named Andre King. Andre is now 34 years old and was born on the 1st day of May 1987.

He is also in the showbiz industry, but unlike his older brother Swizz Beatz, Andre King is a Model, Television Personality, and fashion designer. According to some sources, Andre dates some lady celebrities like Sanchali but later turned on as gay.

He stated that he had already told his family about his real identity, and it turned out okay. His family became more proud and happy for him. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that someday he would follow his older brother, Swizz Beatz’s path, becoming a rapper, record producer, and DJ.

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