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Tana Mongeau Parents: Rebecca Mongeau, Rick Mongeau, Siblings

Image of Tana Mongeau

Tana Marie Mongeau is a famous American model and internet personality born on the 24th of June 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is most famous for her storytime vlogs and videos on her YouTube platform, Tana Mongeau.

Aside from posting content on social media, she also has her reality show on MTV called MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21.

She has released singles such as FaceTime and Without You and has won a ‘Creator of the Year’ award from the 9th Streamy Awards in 2019.

She is publicly bisexual and has been in on-and-off relationships with Somer Hollingsworth, Bella Thorne, Mod Sun, Jake Paul, and Lil Xan.

Tana Mongeau’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Tana Mongeau with her parents, Rick and Rebecca Mongeau
Tana Mongeau with her parents, Rick and Rebecca Mongeau

Rick and Rebecca Mongeau are private people who tend to shy away from the spotlight.

However, it is alleged that they have been married for more than two decades. They were blessed with one beautiful child, a daughter they named Tana Mongeau.

The couple has an unstable relationship where they are always fighting and arguing, which technically makes no sense since they are currently still together.

Tana Mongeau Mother Rebecca Mongeau Biography

Image of Tana Mongeau with her mother, Rebecca Mongeau
Tana Mongeau with her mother, Rebecca Mongeau

Rebecca Mongeau is popularly known as the mother of Tana Mongeau. She was born on the 21st of August in 1959 to Richard Wayne Weir and Carolyn Weir.

She was primarily raised in Texas. Not much information has been revealed about Rebecca, other than that she was introverted and spent most of her time indoors, and therefore became a housewife.

Rebecca got married to Rick, and they had a daughter together. They all spent most of their time moving from one place to another across Las Vegas, looking for a better lifestyle.

Rebecca is not a public figure, and thus not much can be found about her current situation.

Tana used to speak vaguely about her parents, claiming that her mother was never ready to do anything in and outside the house and that she would always be the responsible one if ever she was to go back home during the holidays.

Tana Mongeau Father Rick Mongeau Biography

Image of Tana Mongeau with her father, Rick Mongeau
The star with her father, Rick Mongeau

Richard John Mongeau is allegedly a former Vietnam war veteran and the father of popular internet sensation Tana Mongeau.

He was born to Patricia Jeanne Moeller and Richard John Grilz.

Tana likes to describe her father as insane, explaining that he never acted normal when they were out together as he was either screaming at her or acting rudely towards her.

Rick also had a swimming pool cleaning business at his occupation, which he got his income from.

Tana has a love-hate relationship with her father, stating that her parents never knew their roles and responsibilities during her upbringing.

She still speaks and tries to maintain a stable relationship with them.


Tana Mongeau has no other siblings. She was brought up as an only child born to her parents.

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