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Trinity Parents: Cynthia Ray, Mickie Whiteside, Siblings.

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Image of Trinity Whiteside an American Actor

Rising star Trinity Whiteside is making audiences fall in love with his masculine and charming looks.

Moreover, the sistas star is climbing to the entertainment industry’s top. Furthermore, he got his good looks from his parents, who raised him to be a successful person.

Do you want to learn more about Trinity Whiteside’s parents, Cynthia Ray and Mickie Whiteside? Scroll through here to find out more. Also, look at the actor’s siblings if he has any.

Trinity’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Trinity Whiteside Parents on a interview
Trinity Whiteside Parents on a interview

Little is known about Trinity Whiteside’s parents.

Moreover, it seems like the actor’s mother and father keep their personal lives away from the public’s eyes. Furthermore, the story of how Cynthia and Mickie met is unavailable.

Mickie and his wife have been with each other for years now. However, the couple never fails to show their love to their talented son.

Moreover, Cynthia and Mickie are proud grandparents of three kids Nikolas Trinity, Skye Jordan, and Makaiya.

Trinity Whiteside’s Father Mickie Whiteside Biography

Trinity’s father, Mickie Whiteside, was born in Lake Lure in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, further details about him are unavailable. Trinity’s father is not active on social media, so his activities are unknown Furthermore, Mickie is African-American..

Mickie is slightly shorter than his son. The newbie actor posted a photo of him and his dad for father’s day on this Instagram account. It seems like Mickie and Trinity are close.

In addition, the actor also posted a photo on Twitter saying his dad was his real-life superhero.

Indeed, Trinity takes after his dad’s good looks. Fans were also quick to notice how Mickie was good-looking.

Trinity Whiteside’s Mother, Cynthia Ray Biography

Trinity’s mother is Ray, who is from Asheville, North Carolina. Unfortunately, much like her husband, further background about her is unavailable. She also is not active on social media.

Moreover, her son never fails to show his love for her online. Trinity never fails to greet his mother with a happy mother’s day.

Trinity Whiteside’s Siblings

Unfortunately, information about his siblings is unavailable. Moreover, there are no reports on whether the actor has any brothers or sisters.

The up-and-coming actor does not usually share about his real family life. The rest of the whiteside family prefers to stay that way and live life away from cameras.

Trinity Whiteside’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameTrinity Whiteside
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1982
Age (2022)38 years old
ParentsCynthia Whiteside and Mickie Whiteside

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