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Victory Brinker Parents: Christine, Eric Brinker, Siblings.

Victory Brinker is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and competed in America’s Got Talent with her beautiful voice. However, the 9-year olds journey was cut short after losing out to Brooke Simpson.

Additionally, Victory sang with the famous group Pentatonix, which does acapella music.

Victory Brinker’s run in the competition touched many people’s hearts, and they wanted to know more about her family history.

So, here are all the details on Victory Brinker’s siblings and parents, Christine and Eric Brinker, in this article below.

Victory Brinker’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Victory Brinker
Victory Brinker, a 9-Year-Old Opera Singer, and AGT Finalist

It is unknown when Christine and Eric Brinker, but they have a wonderful marriage and a happy love life.

Additionally, they had Victory in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on February 6, 2012, making her nine years old.

Furthermore, Christine and Eric certainly love being parents since they have eleven children. Likewise, they adopted nine of their children along with Victory.

Indeed, they live a happy married life in their busy home. Additionally, they go on trips often to museums and attractions, which is undoubtedly fun for many people.

Father of Victory Brinker, Eric Brinker

Image of Victory Brinker with her siblings and father, Eric Brinker
Victory Brinker with her siblings and father, Eric Brinker

According to the sources, Eric Brinker is the father of 9-year old opera singer Victory Brinker.

Furthermore, he is working as a pastor in the Impact Life Church. Likewise, he is based in Greensburg.

From an early age, Victory was already singing and challenged herself constantly to perform more complicated and complex songs.

Of course, her rendition of Ave Maria got her in the public spotlight.

Mother of Victory Brinker, Christine Brinker

With eleven children, there’s no shortage of fun in the Brinker household.

Moreover, Christine is like a teacher with a small class since she homeschools all of her children.

Although she has a lot of children, Christine takes the time to support each one of them.

Likewise, she accompanied Victory whenever she performed. Whether at Carnegie Hall or the Apollo Theater, Christine and Eric are there to back her up and cheer her on.

Victory Brinker’s Siblings

Image of Victory Brinker with her family
Victory Brinker with her family

Indeed, Victory has ten siblings, which means they have a big family.

Moreover, nine of the eleven siblings, including Victory, are adopted.

Furthermore, they weren’t surprised when Victory received the three golden buzzers since they hear her sing every day and know how good she is.

Victory Brinker’s Wikipedia – info

Full NameVictory Brinker
ProfessionOpera singer
Date of BirthFebruary 6, 2012
Place of BirthLatrobe, Pennsylvania, US
Age (2022)9

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