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Who are the Parents and Siblings of Vladimir Duthiers?

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Image of Vladimir Duthiers an american TV personality

Vladimir Duthiers is a journalist who has worked for news organizations such as CBS News and CNN. Moreover, he was famous for his work on the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010 and received two Emmy Awards for it.

Before this, he was working at AllianceBernstein in various administrative and upper management positions.

Who are the parents of this outstanding journalist?

Vladimir Duthiers’ Parents Love Life

Although Duthiers is a prominent figure in journalism and his work, there is not much information available on his parents.

Likewise, he has not mentioned his parents’ names and details publicly. However, we know that his parents moved from Haiti to stay in New York.

Then, they gave birth to Duthiers on December 21, 1969, which makes him 53 years old today.

Following this, his parents sent him to a local high school in their hometown. Then, he studied journalism and then political science at the University of Rhode Island.

Furthermore, he has a master’s degree in journalism from the well-known Columbia University.

Vladimir Duthiers’ Father 

Image of Vladimir Duthiers an correspondent for CBS
Vladimir Duthiers an correspondent for CBS

Duthiers does not talk about his father often and has yet to share his name. Regardless of his ancestry, his parents were part French and lived in Haiti before moving to New York.

Additionally, his parents certainly contributed significantly to his success today as a journalist and on-field reporter.

In addition to the awards for the coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he is also the recipient of the Peabody Award for covering Boko Haram’s kidnapping of young girls.

Vladimir Duthiers’ Mother

Image of Vladimir Duthiers an american televison journalist
Vladimir Duthiers an american televison journalist

Much like her husband, the journalist’s mother is unknown. However, she also has French blood.

Indeed, while raising Duthiers, they spoke in French and Haitian Creole, so now their son is also fluent in the language. Likewise, Duthiers is currently studying Mandarin Chinese, so he is multilingual.

Vladimir Duthiers’ Siblings

According to the sources, it is confirmed that the CBS reporter has at least one sibling, is a sister called Erika.

However, he may have more siblings, and we only know about Erika because he tweeted about her once.

Furthermore, Erika writes for a living as a journalist like her brother. Likewise, some of her work was featured on FOX news. Lastly, she writes a personal blog.

Vladimir Duthiers’ Wikipedia – info 

Full NameVladimir Duthiers
Date of BirthDecember 21, 1969
Place of BirthNew York City, New York
Age (2022)52
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseMarian Wang

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