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Who are the Parents and Siblings of DJ Khaled?

Image of DJ Khaled

Khaled Mohammed Khaled, known as DJ Khaled, is a famous American DJ, radio performer, songwriter, and record producer.

He first became famous when he became a radio host on a renowned radio station in the United States of America called “99 Jamz” in 1990.

He became remarkable when he worked as a DJ for the live performance of an American hip hop group “Terror Squad.”

Furthermore, DJ Khaled was born on the 26th day of November 1975. As of 2022, he is 46 years old.

He spent much of his childhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States of America, with his supportive parents and siblings. He came of Arab descent.

DJ Khaled Parents’ Love Life and Marriage


Some reports say that DJ Khaled’s Parents were both came from New Orleans, so that might be how his parents crossed their paths.

Yet, any information about the early stage of their relationship is not accessible online but don’t worry, we will update this article as soon as we learn more about it.

However, according to some reliable sources, the two have been happily married for more than a decade. Their marriage has been getting stronger and healthier each day that passes by.

Mother of DJ Khaled’s Biography

Image of DJ Khaled with his mother
DJ Khaled with his mother

As stated by some rumors, the mother of the famous DJ, songwriter, and record producer came from a Palestinian Muslim lineage.

She was born and spent much of her childhood in Ramallah, Palestine.

Unfortunately, any basic details about DJ Khaled’s mother, like her age, birthday, education, and current profession, are not provided in this article because it hasn’t been disclosed to the public yet.

Father of DJ Khaled’s Biography

Just like DJ Khaled, his father is also a Muslim. As per scoop, his father came of Palestinian Muslim descent.

Moreover, he was born and raised in Al-Mazra’a ash-Sharqiya but later on moved to New Orleans, United States of America. Based on some news, he was also a musician before.

Unfortunately, information about his age, education, and current profession are not published in the media yet.

Siblings of DJ Khaled

The famous DJ in the United States of America has a brother who is older than him named Alec Ledd.

Alaa Khaled, also known as Alec Ledd, is also a Palestinian Tv Star.

Sadly, any basic details like his age and birthday are not published in the media yet.

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