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Who are the Stokes Twins’ Parents and Siblings?

Image of Stokes Twins

Vloggers and YouTubers Alan and Alex Stokes are the siblings behind the famous Stokes Twins channel. They are what people nowadays as influencers and internet celebrities. Their videos garner hundreds of thousands, even millions of views.

They became famous by doing internet trends and pranks on different people, whether a stranger or someone they know. Their social media accounts on YouTube and TikTok combined have over 40 million followers.

Want to know who the parents of these two handsome young boys are? Aside from the two of them, do the twins also have other siblings? Learn more about their family by reading the article below.

Stokes Twins’ Parents’ Love Life

The twins are of British-American and Chinese descent because of their biracial parents. Even while having millions of followers that tune in on their videos daily, the twins have not yet disclosed the names of their parents.

It is unknown to the public where and how the couple met, but it sure is a story that is lovely to hear. Given that the world is now open for globalization, it’s no question that love stories like the twins’ parents exist.

We’re currently looking for more information about their love life and will update the article when new information becomes available.

Stokes Twins’ Father Biography

Image of Stoke Twins with their father
Stoke Twins with their father in one of their videos called “BEST OF STOKES TWINS DAD COMPILATION.”

The twins’ father contributes to the British-American blood running through their veins. He appeared in several videos and photos posted on the brothers’ social media before, but his name remains unknown.

It seems apparent that the young influencers have their father’s American side embedded in them since they spent most of their childhood and teenage years in the United States.

Stokes Twins’ Mother Biography

Image of Stoke Twins with their mother
Stoke Twins with their mother in one of their videos called “REACTING TO CRAZY TIKTOK TRENDS w/ MOM.”

Their mother’s name remains hidden, but she has also appeared several times in their media posts before. She is of Chinese descent.

The vloggers stated that they were born and raised in China in 1996 and left when they were eight years old. They also grew up not only with their mother but also with her family.

In a video that the twins released entitled “Losing a Parent,” they stated that their Chinese grandfather passed away.

They added that their grandfather raised them before migrating to the United States. He holds a particular part in the siblings’ life since he was there when they were still little boys.

Moreover, they regretted the fame and busyness their internet careers had brought upon them since they did not spend a lot of time with their grandfather before he died.

Stokes Twins’ Siblings

It seems apparent that Alan and Alex are the only kids that the couple’s love had produced. Despite this, it is evident that the two care, love, and support each other and will continue to do so for years to come.

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