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Aaron Gordon Parents: Ed Gordon, Shelly Davis Gordon, Siblings

Image of Aaron Gordon

He gained popularity as a powerful and small forward for the Orlando Magic before his transfer to the Denver Nuggets in 2021.

Aaron Addison Gordon, or Aaron Gordon, is a professional basketball player currently signed to the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

He is a remarkable athlete. I only played one year of collegiate basketball for the University of Arizona before being drafted by Orlando Magic in 2014.

He is a competent and fantastic athlete, currently playing and still an active player for the Nuggets.

Want to know who the parents of this Nuggets star are? Does Aaron Gordon have any other siblings? Learn more about his family by reading the article below.

Aaron Gordon’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Aaron Gordon with his parents, Ed and Shelly Davis Gordon
Aaron Gordon with his parents, Ed and Shelly Davis Gordon

Despite the young athlete’s fame, there is not much information about his parent’s love life.

However, it is known that the couple is relatively closed and still has a consistent connection with their son. Several photos show the relationship that Aaron has with his parents.

They are often seen on the court, closely watching and supporting him. Before joining the Nuggets, they had already been with him in Magic and college for years.

Aaron Gordon’s Father Ed Gordon Biography

Athleticism, especially when playing the ball, must run in the family.

Aaron is not the only basketball player in the family; his father is also quite the athlete. He played for San Diego University’s San Diego State Basketball in his prime.

He may not be able to have the opportunity to join the most prominent and grandest basketball league in the world.

But he proves that he knows how to play the sport at a higher level.

Ed Gordon is of African American descent, and judging by his pure physical brute, he passed the torch unto his children.

Aaron Gordon’s Mother, Shelly Davis Gordon Biography

Image of Aaron Gordon's mother, Shelly Davis Gordon
Aaron Gordon’s mother, Shelly Davis Gordon

Shelly Gordon is of White American Descent and makes up the other half of the Gordon family.

However, there are few records elaborating on the star’s mother’s details. Aaron does not speak about her mother’s life that much in media and the public.

The Nuggets’ power forward seems to have a tightly knit connection with her, made evident by the various photos depicting her motherly love.

Aaron Gordon’s Siblings

Image of Aaron Gordon with his family
Aaron Gordon with his family

Ed passed the ball to his son Aaron and the player’s siblings. He has an older brother named Drew and an older sister named Elise. Both of which are also basketball players.

Drew currently plays in the Ukrainian Basketball Super League but was drafted before for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Elise, on the other hand, participated in collegiate basketball. She played for Harvard University’s women’s basketball team for four years.

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