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Adam Toledo: Elizabeth Toledo, Siblings.

Image of Adam Toledo an American who killed by the Chicago Police Department

The city of Chicago mourned the tragic death of Adam Toledo, who was only 13 years old. Adam was shot during a police shooting and left his family and friends grieving.

Adam Toledo was a kid full of dreams and happiness, but his life was cut short.

With Adam’s death comes the misery of his family, especially his mother, Elizabeth Toledo. This article will walk you through Adam Toledo’s parents, especially his mom and siblings.

Adam Toledo’s Parents’ Love Life.

Information about Adam Toledo’s parents is scarce. Moreover, only Adam’s mother is available.

Because there is no further information about his parents, the story of Elizabeth Toledo and her husband’s romance is unavailable.

Adam Toledo’s Father is Unknown

Image of People of America Protesting for Justice of Adam Toledo
People of America Protesting for Justice of Adam Toledo

Adam Toledo’s father has not made any statement regarding his son’s death.

Furthermore, it details whether or not he and Elizabeth Toledo are still together.

Adam Toledo’s Mother, Elizabeth Toledo

Image of Adam Toledo's mother Elizabeth Toledo
Toledo’s mother, Elizabeth Toledo

Adam Toledo’s mother is Elizabeth Toledo.

Unfortunately, information about her life, such as her birthday, job, and the like, is unavailable.

Elizabeth Toledo is the mother of a slain 13-year-old boy in Chicago.

During a press conference, Elizabeth bravely spoke about her son’s death.

According to Elizabeth, the police officers had so many options that they did not shoot her 13-year-old son.

In addition, the grieving mother first reported her son missing. However, police came knocking on her door, telling her that her son had been shot dead in an encounter.

Adam Toledo’s Siblings

Adam Toledo has three siblings whose names are available for public knowledge.

His older brother is Marco Toledo. Moreover, Marco is 22 years old.

According to Marco, Adam was a caring and loving kid.

Furthermore, Adam was also close with her younger brother Anthony Toledo. Anthony Toledo is 11 years old.

And lastly, Adam’s sister is Esmeralda Toledo.

Unfortunately, there are no more details about his siblings.

Details on Adam Toledo’s Death

Adam Toledo was a 13-year-old boy who a Police officer shot.

According to the police officers, Adam was holding a gun. Adam throws the weapon at a wooden fence before raising his arms to surrender in bodycam footage. However, the police officer noticed it as a threat and shot the kid.

The police officer performed CPR. However, the boy fell to his demise.

Adam Toledo’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Adam Toledo

Date of Birth

May 26, 2007



Age (2022)

It would have been 14 years old


Elizabeth Toledo


Marco Toledo, Anthony Toledo, and Esmeralda Toledo

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