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Adele Parents: Penny Adkins, Mark Evans, Siblings

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Adele Parents, Penny Adkins, Mark Evans, Siblings

18-time Grammy award nominee Adele has been soothing and breaking hearts with her music ever since she began her musical career. Ever wonder who the parents of this great singer-songwriter are?

Read to find out more about Adele’s parents, Penny Susan Adkins and Mark Evans. Also, find out if the multi-awarded singer has siblings.

Mother Penny Adkins

Adele’s mother’s complete name is Penny Susan Adkins. She is originally from Islington, North London. Penny was born in 1968. Before getting into art school at Barnet University, Penny became pregnant with Adele. She was only 18 when she had Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

Penny and the young songwriter lived in West Northwood in London growing up. They stayed in a two-bedroom flat. Moreover, according to Adele, the small flat they lived in was later turned into a discount store.

She and her mother, Penny are very close, even to this day.

Adele with his mother, Penny Adkins
Adele with his mother, Penny Adkins

To add, she is also close to her grandparents on her mother’s side. Her grandfather’s name is John Adkins, while her grandmother’s name is Doreen Adkins. When Penny turned 18, John and Doreen let her find her own place to be more independent. Penny was on her own from that point on.

By the age of 3, Adele’s father Mark stopped seeing and supporting his daughter and Penny.

Adele Father Mark Evans

Adele’s father, Mark Evans, was born in 1962 in Wales. He worked as a plumber in Cardiff. In the beginning, Mark supported Penny and her daughter. However, this changed when he moved back to Wales when Adele was only three years old.

After Mark moved back to Wales, he could not see Adele and Penny as much. Moreover, the connection was completely cut off when Mark’s father died of colon cancer. After the passing of his father, Mark turned to alcoholism, and this broke his relationship with his daughter completely.

Adele's father, Mark Evans
Adele’s father, Mark Evans

In 2013, Mark Evans battled cancer. His cancer was colon cancer, the same type that took away his father. For this reason, Mark feared he would never meet his grandson, Adele’s son Angelo. So, he tried to mend the relationship. Despite his efforts, it was too late, and he could not repair the gap between them.

Mark Evans passed away in May 2021.

Adele Siblings

Adele has one half-brother named Cameron O’Sullivan. Cameron is Mark Evan’s son from another woman. Adele says that they look very similar, almost like twins. Despite this, Cameron has mentioned that they barely see each other because of Adele’s busy schedule. Yet, they reunited in 2016 while the singer was doing a concert in England.

Adele's brother, Cameron OSullivan
Adele’s half-brother, Cameron O’Sullivan

Quick Facts

NameAdele Laurie Blue Adkins
Stage NameAdele
Date of BirthMay 5, 1988

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