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Aiden Fucci Parents: Crystal Smith, Siblings.

Image of Aiden Fucci

All the evidence indicates that Aiden Fucci, a 14-year old teen, murdered the cheerleader, Tristyn Bailey.

Moreover, officials discovered Bailey with 114 stab marks last May 2021. Indeed, for this terrible crime, Aiden was considered an adult in the case and thus, would receive adult punishment.

Additionally, you may have heard the news that his mother, Crystal Smith, was accused of tampering with evidence.

Thus, people following the case are curious to know more about Aiden Fucci’s parents and any siblings he may have. So, here is all the information on his mother, Crystal Smith, and his father.

Aiden Fucci’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Aiden Fucci
Aiden Fucci, charged with first-degree murder in 13-year-old schoolmate’s stabbing death

It is unclear whether Crystal Smith is married to Aiden’s father. However, his father is not present in their lives currently as there has been no information on him during the trial.

Although Crystal and her partner had their son Aiden sometime in 2007, the exact day and month are unknown.

The court set a trial date for Aiden Fucci on November 7, 2022, where they will try him as an adult. At the start, Aiden had a private lawyer, but he could not pay the fee. Furthermore, if convicted, Aiden faces up to life-term imprisonment.

Consequently, the court assigned a public defender to represent him. Indeed, taxpayers of St. John County are, in essence, paying for Aiden’s defense.

Aiden Fucci’s Father of Aiden Fucci.

Aiden’s father has been absent from the court hearings and trials, and there is no information on his identity. Thus, some think he is not present in his family’s lives.

Aiden Fucci’s Mother, Crystal Smith

Image of Aiden Fucci with his mother, Crystal Smith
Aiden Fucci with his mother, Crystal Smith

Together with her son, they were told to appear in court. However, only her son Aiden showed up that day. Furthermore, his mother is accused that she was tampering with

the evidence related to the case. Moreover, a clip showed her washing the blood on Aiden’s jeans.

Many users online called out Crystal Smith for defending her son, who murdered someone.

Aiden Fucci’s Siblings

According to the sources, Aiden Fucci is an only child. Furthermore, it seems that he is living alone with his mother.

However, he may have siblings, but there is no information on them if they exist.

Aiden Fucci’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Aiden Fucci



Date of Birth


Place of Birth

St. John County, Florida

Age (2022)

15 years old

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