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Alessia Cara: Enza Ciccione, Vincenzo Caracciolo, Siblings.

If you have heard the song Here, you must know it is by talented Canadian-born singer Alessia Cara. The 25-year-old took the world of music by storm with her unique and strong vocals.

However, did you know that her parents almost did not let her pursue a career in music? If you don’t, then find out why. In this write-up and her siblings, Enza Ciccione and Vincenzo Caracciolo, get to know Alessia’s parents.

Alessia Cara’s Parents Love Life.

Image of Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

The love story of Enza Ciccione and Vincenzo Caracciolo is a blur for Alessia’s fans. Moreover, it’s possible that they met in Italy.

When Enza and Vincenzogot married, they traveled to Ontario, Canada. They decided to stay in Canada for good and raised their sons and daughters.

According to Alessia, growing up in an Italian household is highly traditional.

The singer also revealed that her parents did not fully support her dreams of becoming a musician. Enza and Vincenzo want her to get a more stable job.

Alessia Cara’s Father Vincenzo Caracciolo

Alessia’s father is Vncenzo Caracciolo. Moreover, he is Italian, but he was born and raised in Canada. His parents are from Italy.

Furthermore, her father’s income came from being a Welder.

In addition, Vincenzo is overprotective of Alessia.

Unfortunately, other details like his birthday and early life are unavailable.

Moreover, the singer revealed that some of her guy friends are still afraid of her dad because of how scary and strict he was.

Alessia Cara’s Mother Enza Ciccione

Image of Alessia Cara with her mother, Enza Ciccione

Alessia Cara with her mother, Enza Ciccione

Alessia’s mother is Enza Ciccione. Moreover, she was born on February 28. However, her birth year is unavailable.

Furthermore, Enza is from Italy, where she grew up.

Additionally, she did not know how to speak English when she first went to Canada.

Enza would speak in Italian with Alessia.

Furthermore, Enza was the one who taught Alessia to cook. In a segment for Seventeen Magazine, Alessia made her version of her mom’s Risotto.

Enza is not a fan of publicity.

Alessia Cara’s Siblings

Alessia Cara has three siblings. Her brothers are Dante Caracciolo and Dario Caracciolo . Meanwhile, she also has a sister whose name is Danica Caracciolo.

Dario Caracciolo was born on July 16, 2000. Moreover, he is currently 21.

Unfortunately, Further details about the singer’s siblings are unavailable.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Alessia Caracciolo

Date of Birth

July 11, 1996


Singer and songwriter

Age (2022)

25 years old


Enza Ciccione and Vincenzo Caracciolo


Dante, Dario, and Danica

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