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Alexander Rodriguez Parents: Lourdes Rodriguez, Victor Rodriguez, Siblings

Image of Alexander Rodriguez

The American retired skilled baseball player and third baseman Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, most known for his nickname “ A-rod,” is famous for his skills when it comes to athletics. Alexander played in Major League Baseball for 22 seasons.

He was a member of the teams “Seattle Mariners,” “Texas Rangers,” and “New York Yankees.”

Alexander was born on the 27th day of July 1975. He is currently 46 years old. Alex was originally from Washington Heights, New York, United States of America.

His parents are Lourdes Rodriguez and Victor Rodriguez.

He also has two half-siblings who are older than him, a sister and a brother named Joe Dunand Sr. And Suzy Dunand

Do you want to know more about the family of Alexander Rodriguez?

Just keep reading! Because this article will talk about Alexander Rodriguez’s Parents’ love life, marriage, and biography.

In addition to that, this will also tell you some information about his siblings.

Alexander Rodriguez Parents’ love life and marriage

Image of Alexander Rodriguez with his family
Alexander Rodriguez with his family

There is no information on how Lourdes Rodriguez and Victor Rodriguez met each other as it hasn’t been revealed yet.

But according to some reliable sources, the two have been happily married to each other when Victor left Lourdes when their last child was born in 1979, leaving her with their children alone.

Alexander Rodriguez’s mother

Image of Alexander Rodriguez with his mother, Lourdes Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez with his mother, Lourdes Rodriguez

Lourdes Rodriguez is the mother of the famous former baseball player of the United States of America. Just like some ordinary girl, Lourdes was also not lucky when it came to love. She has been married two times in her life.

Lourdes is a very strong and independent woman. She raised her four children without the help of her kids’ fathers. In addition to that, she is also a hardworking mother.

When their finances were tight, she worked as a secretary at the immigration office in her hometown by day, and on the night, she was a waitress.

Alexander Rodriguez’s, Father

Victor Rodriquez was the ex-husband of Lourdes Rodriguez.

He was once a baseball player before in the Dominican Republic but later on decided to run a shoe store in Manhattan. However, any information about his age and birthday hasn’t been revealed yet.

Alexander Rodriguez’s Siblings

Alexander Rodriguez originally had three siblings. Two were his half-siblings on his mother named Joe Dunand Sr. And Suzy Dunand.

At the same time, his full-blooded sibling is Victor Rodriguez. Joe and Suzy are older than Alexander, while Victor is the youngest among them.

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