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Alfonso Ribeiro Parents: Michael Ribeiro, Joy Ribeiro, Siblings

Image of Alfonso Ribeiro

After his role as Alfonso Spears on Silver Spoons, he has gained fame and recognition. Alfonso Ribeiro is a name that sitcoms and comedy show fans will recognize.

He has appeared as Carlton Banks in the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Aside from that, he also landed the role of Maxwell Stanton on another American sitcom entitled In The House.

In addition to his acting career, Alfonso also ventured into other opportunities within the entertainment industry.

He is currently working as the TV host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. His other hosting engagements are from popular game shows such as Spell-Mageddon, Catch 21, and dance competition Dance 360.

Do you want to know who the parents of acclaimed actor Alfonso Ribeiro are? Does the actor have any other siblings? Learn more about his family by reading the article below.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Alfonso Ribeiro with his parents, Joy and Michael Ribeiro
Alfonso Ribeiro with his parents, Joy and Michael Ribeiro

Both come from African heritage, and there were not many cultural differences between the actor’s parents. Michael and Joy Ribeiro both hail from the same country in the Caribbean.

It is known that the two are nationals of Trinidad and Tobago. Although not much is known about their love story, it is evident that they created a happy environment for Alfonso to grow to.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Father Michael Ribeiro Biography

The star’s father has become a figure for him to follow. Michael has a statute that allowed his son to overcome the odds in the entertainment industry and become a successful public figure.

Not really is known about him aside from his Afro-Trinidadian heritage coursing in his veins. His occupation and current whereabouts are also hidden from the general public.

His son Alfonso prefers his parents to stay out of the limelight. Away from the prying eyes of the masses.

We are currently on the search for new information regarding his personal life. We will update the article as soon as vital data arises.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Mother, Joy Ribeiro Biography

Joy Ribeiro shares a lot of similarities to his Afro husband. With her heritage, not shying away from her husband, it’s no surprise that the two have created a very loving relationship over the years.

Like his father, Alfonso also does not want to share much information about her mother.

Despite the fame and recognition that he has received over the past decades, he has kept their personal lives private.

We are looking into this ordeal and will update the article as soon as more records appear.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Siblings

The veteran actor does not seem to have any other siblings.

Any available report shows that he is the only one with his parents in their family portraits. Maybe he has a brother or sister that prefers to stay away from the public as much as possible.

However, we are searching for more information about this and will update the article if anything new arises.

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