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Amanda Bynes: Rick Bynes, Lynn Organ, Siblings

Image of Amanda Bynes a american actress

A remarkable actress from the 1990s to the early 2000s, Amanda Laura Bynes slowly made her through to the top of the entertainment industry during that time as a child actress.

She has appeared in several notable comedy films and shows throughout the years. Her work can be seen in movies such as 2005’s hit-animation Robots and 2002’s Big Fat Liar. Other appearances include She’s the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A.

However, the past decade has been a challenging time for the actress. In 2010, she stated that she would take a break from show business and focus more on her problems.

She underwent rehabilitation and received medical care and attention for the past few years. Amanda also admitted to being involved with drug addiction and was charged with several cases.

As of late, the actress is currently taking a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Design, trying to get her life together again.

Do you want to know who the parents of Amanda Bynes are? Does she have any other siblings? Learn more about her family by reading the article below.

Amanda Bynes’ Parents’ Love Life

Despite the recent controversy revolving around Amanda and her parents, it can be said that her parents care about her a lot. There is not much information regarding the two.

Seeing each other every day and working with them for so many years makes you fall in love. However, their undying love keeps them together after so many years. It is believed that they met while working at the same dental clinic before.

And so, their love story began. Who knew that teeth could clench two people destined to form a family?

Amanda Bynes’ Father Rick Bynes Biography

Image of Amanda Bynes a american TV personality
Amanda Bynes, an American TV personality

Rick Bynes has always been beside his daughter, especially during the times when Amanda is slowly losing a grasp of reality. However, before being placed in the spotlight because of her actress daughter, he was a dentist.

It is not sure if he is an owner of a clinic, but it is definite that he met his wife in practice.

There are a lot of disputes surrounding Rick, one of which is his abuse of her distressed daughter. However, none of the accusations turned out true.

Amanda made the claims about her father’s abuse but later redacted her statements.

Amanda Bynes’ Mother, Lynn Organ Biography

Image of Amanda Bynes, Born in thousan oaks, California
Bynes, Born in Thousand Oaks, California

Throughout the years, especially during the internal problems that her daughter faced, Lynn has stayed beside her. She worked as an assistant in the same dental institution that her husband Rick worked in before.

In August of 2013, after setting her surroundings on fire, Amanda was placed under conservatorship. It is an act where the state recognizes an actor or an actress having no control over her finances.

Therefore, their assets are placed in the authority of their parents.

It is notable that the same incident also happened to fellow celebrity Britney Spears and her family. But, Amanda said that she is 100% in favor of what her parents are doing regarding her assets.

She is supportive and thankful that her parents, especially her mother, are there to protect her in her most vulnerable state.


Rick and Lynn’s love resulted in three children. Amanda is believed to be the youngest of the siblings.

She has an actress sister named Jillian Bynes and a Chiropractor brother named Tommy Bynes. Both Amanda’s siblings live their own respective lives away from showbiz’s spotlight.

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