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Amanda Gorman Parents: Joan Wicks, Father, Siblings

Image of Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman is a Los Angeles poet and activist. Her works are primarily based on specific topics, including feminism, oppression, marginalization, African diaspora, and race. She received the title Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate in 2014. One of her most great achievements was being named the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017.

Other than being a poet, Amanda has also published her poetry book in 2015 titled The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough. Amanda’s work gained the most recognition during the inauguration ceremony for U.S. President Joe Biden in 2021.

Shortly after, she was awarded a professional management contract, and both her books were titled best-sellers. She also had the opportunity to perform one of her poems, Chorus of the Captains, at the Super Bowl LV.

Amanda has raised claims of her wanting to become a human rights advocate. Here’s more on her parents’ biographies and her siblings.

Amanda Gorman Parents Love Life (where they met, when they got married, love life)

Image of Amanda Gorman
Amanda Gorman, a poet and activist.

Not much information has been given regarding how Amanda’s parents met and married. However, it is confirmed and known that they are no longer together and haven’t been for a while.

They were blessed with three kids, two daughters, and a son during their marriage. It seems like the ex-couple got divorced a long time ago since Joan was a single parent to her kids throughout their childhood.

Currently, it is rumored that Joan is still single.

Amanda Gorman Mother Joan Wicks Biography

Image of Amanda Gorman with her mother, Joan Wicks
Amanda Gorman with her mother, Joan Wicks

Joan Wicks does not like conveying her personal life information to the public, and thus her original birth date and place are not known. However, it is alleged that she was probably born in the 1970s, which makes her age between 40-50.

She has an American nationality and an African-American ethnic background. Regarding her education, Joan is a bachelor of a science degree holder in Communicative Disorders attained at Northwestern University.

She also did her master’s in School Leadership in Social Justice at Loyola Marymount University, where she eventually attained her Doctor of Philosophy degree. Looking at her occupation, she is a sixth-grade English teacher at Jack H. Skirball Middle School in Watts, California, United States of America.

After separating from her spouse years ago, Joan is a single mother and parent to three of her kids. She always tried to bring them up in the best way possible and restricted them from watching too much television.

She always prepared her little ones to face the world in a country known for racial profiling. She gained popularity from Amanda’s success since 2013/14. Her children, especially Amanda, owe their accomplishments to how she raised them.

Amanda Gorman Father Biography

Little is known about Amanda’s father, only that he separated with Joan years back and was never present in his children’s life and upbringing.  Amanda talks of how she has never known why her father had to desert their family and not contact them. Conclusively we can refer to him as a deadbeat dad.

Amanda Gorman’s Siblings

Amanda was brought up with two siblings, her twin sister Gabrielle and Spencer. Gabrielle is also a fully-committed activist, just like her twin. Not much information has been given concerning her brother, though.

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