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Andrew Velazquez Parents: Kenneth Velazquez, Margaret Velazquez, Siblings

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Image of Andrew Velazquez

He is known by many nicknames coined by both the fans and his teammates.

Andrew Velazquez has proved time and time again that he is a player that one must look upon. He has become a part of the biggest and grandest baseball league for many years now.

The star started his career in Major League Baseball as a part of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2012. He has made his name known to other professional baseball teams until then.

Teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, Baltimore Orioles, the Los Angeles Angels, and the New York Yankees.

He has an off-and-on relationship with major and minor baseball leagues. But then again, he showed that he was worthy enough to play with the sport’s big boys.

Do you want to know who the parents of this acclaimed baseball star are? Does Andrew Velazquez have any other siblings? Learn more about his family by reading the article below.

Andrew Velazquez’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Andrew Velazquez with his parents, Kenneth and Margaret Velazquez

Andrew Velazquez with his parents, Kenneth and Margaret Velazquez

He is known to many as The Bronx Kid was born in the same city in New York.

His parents, Kenny and Margaret, share a lot of cultural backgrounds and heritage. They both come from very Hispanic cultures. Their loved blossomed to produce a very athletic Puerto Rican boy.

Andrew is known to have a very close relationship with his parents. Pictures of the couple together with their son often circulate on the internet.

We don’t have any information about the couple’s love history as of the latest. However, we are actively looking into this ordeal and will update the article when new info comes up.

Andrew Velazquez’ Father Kenneth Velazquez Biography

Kenneth Velazquez is why our boy Andrew is even present on the baseball field.

Although it is not sure what the athlete’s father does for a living, it is enough to fund his son’s fantastic career.

But Kenneth is believed to be a good player of the sport before.

This might be why his encouragement and training supplied Andrew with skills to join the big leagues.

The baseball stated that his father is his inspiration. Constant encouragement and support are what someone needs, and Kenneth does that for his kid.

His skills in playing the sport translated towards his son, making his dreams of playing in the MLB attainable.

Andrew Velazquez’ Mother, Margaret Velazquez Biography

Like her husband, Margaret proved to be a caring and supportive mother to his son.

The athlete’s mother would often praise him for being able to play baseball in a large stadium surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people.

Funny enough, despite her outstanding support, the nerves always get the better of her.

She stated that as much as she wants to see his son play the sport, it is sometimes better to hear than to see him pitch.

Andrew Velazquez’ Siblings

Andrew has never really been vocal about his siblings’ personal lives. However, it is believed that he has a brother named after their father, Kenneth.

There is not much known about the athlete’s brother, but we are currently on the look for more information.

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