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Anthony Davis Parents: Erainer, Anthony Davis Sr., Siblings.

Image of Anthony Davis

Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association or the NBA.

Though a string of injuries has plagued his career, he remains one of the top talents in the league today.

Moreover, he is usually at the power forward of the center position and plays for the famed Los Angeles Lakers.

Fans wonder if the star’s parents, Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer, are as tall as him. So, here is all the information on his family and siblings.

Anthony Davis’ Parents’ Love Life

It is not known the exact date that Anthony Davis Sr. married his wife, Erainer. However, they had their first daughter, Lesha, who plays basketball today.

Then, Erainer gave birth to twins Anthony and Antoinette on March 11, 1993. Davis Sr. and Erainer have a close relationship with their son.

They regularly appear at events together with him, such as the XO and Louis XIII events in California. Furthermore, they are still married today and live happy life together.

Anthony Jr.’s Father, Anthony Davis Sr.

Image of Anthony Davis with his father, Anthony Davis, Sr.
Anthony Jr. with his father, Anthony Sr.

Did you know that the famous Lakers’ power forward is a junior?

Indeed, Anthony shares the same name as his father, Davis Sr. Although Davis Sr. is tall at 6’3”, he pales in comparison to Jr., who is 6’10”.

Moreover, when Anthony was growing up, Davis Sr. had to buy him an extra-long bed since his feet would dangle off the edge.

Anthony Jr.’s Mother, Erainer

Image of Anthony Davis with his mother, Erainer Davis
Basketball star with his mother, Erainer Davis

Anthony didn’t get his tall genes from his father alone; his mom Erainer was also elevated. Indeed, she stood at 6’1”, only two inches shorter than her husband.

Additionally, she is one of Anthony’s most prominent supporters, and you can regularly find her courtside cheering the Laker on.

Anthony Jr.’s Siblings

The 2020 NBA Champion has two siblings, and both are sisters. Firstly, he has an older sister who is called Lesha Davis.

Next, he has a twin-sister called Antoinette— a feminine version of “Anthony.”

Antoinette is very close with her twin and shared that she helped him keep track of homework and projects while Anthony was practicing basketball.

Additionally, are the sisters of the star as tall as him? Not entirely. They stand at 5’8 and 5’10, each. Although they are taller than the average female, Anthony still towers over them by afoot.

Anthony Davis’ Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Anthony Marshon Davis Jr.


Professional basketball player

Date of Birth

March 11, 1993

Place of Birth

Chicago, Illinois

Age (2022)


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