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Anthony Rendon Parents: Rene Rendon, Bridget Rendon, Siblings

Image of Anthony Rendon

The third baseman for the Los Angeles Angels, Anthony Rendon, is a respected player on the field today.

Anthony was part of the team that won the 2019 World Series. Moreover, the winning game took place in his hometown of Houston.

This was a big moment not only for Anthony but also for his parents, who were present during the match.

So, who are Anthony Rendon’s parents? Read about Bridget and Rene Rendon here.

Anthony Rendon’s Parents’ Love story

Image of Anthony Rendon's parents, Bridget and Rene Rendon
Anthony Rendon’s parents, Bridget and Rene Rendon

Not much is known about Rene and Bridget Rendon’s love story. But we know that Rene and Bridget have been married for a long time now.

Also, they are still happily married to this day. They are both very supportive of their son Anthony and are seen attending his baseball games and giving interviews.

Anthony Rendon’s Mother, Bridget Rendon

Anthony’s mother is named Bridget Rendon. She was seen in the October 2019 baseball game Anthony.

Also, she gave an interview about how proud she was of Anothony when he became a World Series Champion.

Moreover, she and her husband Rene were sporting matching jerseys with Anothony’s name and number on the back.

They expressed their excitement throughout Anthony’s match and their joy when Anthony finally hit a home run.

Anthony Rendon’s Father, Rene Rendon

Image of Anthony Rendon's father, Rene Rendon with his wife
Anthony Rendon’s father, Rene Rendon with his wife

Rene Rendon is Anthony’s father. Rene recognized Anthony’s talent as a baseball player even when he was still very young.

So, he would let Anthony play with players above his level.

Hence, he got better and better because he was always playing with players at a higher level than him.

Rene says he did this to challenge Anthony.

Moreover, Rene has Hispanic ancestry. More specifically, he is of Mexican descent. Additionally, Anthony mentioned that he is very close to his Mexican roots.

He says that being close to your family is a must in Mexican culture. So, he always spends his holidays like Christmas, Mother’s day, and Father’s day with his whole family, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Anthony and his family visit his grandparent’s house on these holidays.

Anthony Rendon’s Siblings

Anthony has one older brother. His brother’s name is David Rendon.

David was born in 1986, making him four years older than his brother Anthony.

Like their parents, David is also supportive of Anthony in his career.

In 2019, David posted a Tweet supporting his brother Anthony and the team.

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Anthony Michael Rendon


Houston, Texas, United States


Major League Baseball Player



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