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Apryl Jones Parents: Mei Hsiang Jones, Siblings

Image of Apryl Jones a American Singer

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” is a famous television series that showcases the struggles, conflicts, and success of talented young stars who want to enter the entertainment world. Apryl Jones became famous by being a cast member of the television series and instantly became the idol of many watchers.

The actress is very dedicated to her talent and opened her business called Apryl Wines. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, on December 15, 1986.

Learn more about the details of Apryl Jones’ parents and siblings, their Wikipedia-type biography, names, and love life. Keep reading so you won’t miss any details about the famous singer-songwriter!

Apryl Jones’ Parents’ Love Life

Although fans loved the actress for being jolly but full of attitude at the same time, no one knew the name of his father.

The family never disclosed any information about her father and mother’s marriage or love history. Fans assumed that it was a mutual decision between Apryl and her parents not to release any information about their love life.

This article will be updated once our team has gathered more information about the love history of Apryl Jones’ Parents.

Apryl Jones’ Mother, Mei Hsiang Jones

Image of Apryl Jones an American Song Writer

Apryl Jones, an American Song Writer

Mei Hsiang Jones is the mother of a talented actress and has of Mongolian, Chinese, and Taiwanese descent. There were no personal details released to the public by Mei Hsiang Jones, but she was the only person there for the star when she started her career.

The mother of the TV star was very supportive of her, and it did not go to waste as Apryl is now thriving in the entertainment world. S

he gathered so many fans that it resulted in product endorsements and other sources of income.

Mei Hsiang Jones did not disclose any information about her, but we will try to find out more details.

Apryl Jones’ Father

Image of Apryl Jones, Born in Chicago Illinois

The star was born in Born in Chicago, Illinois

The actress’s father’s name is unknown up to this day, but sources claim that he was African-American.

Aside from this information, no personal details were shared about him. The family kept a lowkey profile regarding their father, and media outlets do not contain any data.

Our team will try to perform in-depth research regarding the details of Apryl Jones’ father and update this article once information is available.

Apryl Jones’ Siblings

The television personality does not have any siblings, as per sources say.

There is also no news on whether she has any half-brothers or half-sisters from his mother or father’s side.

We will try to look for more information to validate the information about the actress’ siblings.

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