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Ari Melber Parents: Daniel M. Melber, Barbara D. Melber, & Siblings

Image of Ari Melber

When it comes to journalism, Ari Melber never fails to outdo himself. As a matter of factly, he has brought significant achievements to his home network. Moreover, he continues to break and improve such expectations.

As a journalist, he does research, reporting, and interviews. Presently, he works for the MSNBC channel and is a reporter for ‘The Beat.’ Additionally, he is an Emmy awardee.

Thus, many would like to know who raised such a remarkable man. Browse through here and learn about Daniel Melber and Barbara Melber.

“Ari Melber” Parents Love Life.

Image of Ari Melber's parents
Ari Melber’s parents

As great as his work background, viewers are also interested in his family background. Unfortunately, the love life and marriage of the Melbers are not accessible.

However, a source has stated that the pair were married in 1967. Sadly, this is not a certainty.

Ari Melber’s Father: Daniel M. Melber biography.

The respectable journalist’s father is Daniel M. Melber. Unfortunately, his birthdate and family details are not available. However, a couple of sources mentioned his dad is from Israel.

Furthermore, his education is also not revealed. However, a few sources have mentioned that Daniel is a retired neurologist. Thus, we can assume that he took up medicine in college. Regrettably, this is all the information we have on him.

Ari Melber’s Mother Barbara D. Melber biography.

Unfortunately, there is too little about Barbara Melber’s details. Thus background and birthday wise, there is nothing available. Her birth name is also not for public viewing.

However, a source has mentioned her to be a former sociologist.

Additionally, Melber comes from a European and Jewish family. Undoubtedly, from his mother’s bloodline. Furthermore, we know that his grandparents were survivors of World War II.

Ari Melber’s Siblings

Image of Ari Melber with his brother, Jonathan Melber
Ari Melber with his brother, Jonathan Melber

The outstanding reporter has a remarkable brother as well. Jonathan Melber is currently a lawyer for the entertainment and arts. Sad to say, his birthdate is not available to the public.

Accordingly, his LinkedIn profile mentioned he attended two universities. The first one, Brown and the other is a law school in New York. Furthermore, he has a degree in philosophy and law as well.

Moreover, he worked as a lawyer for a few years before quitting. Therefore, involving himself in e-commerce as a developer. However, at present, he works in Los Angeles for HBO Max. Additionally, he had his fair share of becoming an author.


Ari Melber’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Ari Naftali Melber


March 31, 1980

Age (2022)

41 years old


Seattle, Washington, United States


Attorney, Journalist, News Correspondent, Host

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