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Athena Karkanis Parents: Mrs. Karkanis, Mr. Karkanis, Siblings

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Athena Karkanis Parents, Mrs. Karkanis, Mr. Karkanis, Siblings

If you watched Manifest, you’d surely be familiar with Athena Karkanis, who plays Grace Stone in the hit sci-fi series. Moreover, she is famous for her incredible performance as an actress. Her talent and skills make fans wonder, could she be a daughter of actors too?

If you want to learn about Athena Karkanis’ parents, Mrs. Karkanis and Mr. Karkanis, keep scrolling and read through this write-up. Also, find out if the Manifest star has any siblings.

Athena Karkanis Parents Love Life

Canadian actress, Athena’s parents have not yet been named. Moreover, details about her parents’ love life and love story are unavailable.

The TV celebrity seems to keep her biological family away from the public’s sight.

Father Mr. Karkanis Biography

Although Athena’s father has not been named, Mr. Karkanis is reportedly a businessman.

Moreover, since the actress is Canadian, it is safe to assume that Mr. Karkanis is Canadian as well.

Mother Mrs. Karkanis Biography

Much like Mr. Karkanis, Mrs. Karkanis has yet to be named as well. However, reports say that she is a housewife.

Furthermore, since Athena grew up in a Canadian-Christian home, Mrs. Karkanis is likely Canadian and is a Christian.

Athena Karkanis with her husband and children
Athena Karkanis with her husband and children


The identities of her siblings are unavailable, much like her parents. The actress’ family is keeping their profile low.

Athena Karkanis Family Ethnicity

Athena has been praised for her beautiful skin tone and her gorgeous dark brown eyes; it is without a doubt that Athena Karkanis has more than just one ethnicity.

Moreover, the Alberta-born beauty reportedly has Greek and Egyptian blood running through her veins. A giveaway would be her name Athena which is the name of the Greek Goddess of war. Her Greek heritage might have been one factor why her name is Athena

Furthermore, her parents and siblings have Greek-Egyptian ethnicity as well.

Quick Facts

Full NameAthena Karkanis
Date of BirthMay 16, 1981
Age (2022)40 years old

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