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Athing Mu Parents: Aluel Majok, Deng Mu, Siblings.

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Image of Athing Mu born in new jersey and a professional athlete

Star runner Athing Mu developed her talent at such a young age. Because of her hard work and training, she could bag the gold medal in the 800m final for women during the Olympics. Moreover, her father is one of the proudest because of her achievement.

This article gets to know the star Olympian’s parents, Athing Mu and Aluel Majok. Also, find out how many siblings she has.

Athing Mu’s Parents’ Love Life.

There is no further information available about how Athing Mu’s parents met. Mu’s parents immigrated to the US with their children. Moreover, they are from South Sudan; most likely, her parents met there. Some sources say that they already divorced in 2003.

Athing Mu’s Father Deng Mu Biography

Image of Athing Mu a gold medalist in tokyo olympics
Athing Mu was a gold medalist at Tokyo Olympics.

Deng Mu was a boxer in South Sudan and is now a commercial fisherman and seafood processor.

Furthermore, Deng Mu said in an interview that he transferred his “power” to his daughter. Since Deng Mu was a professional boxer, he has been used to running.

Athing Mu’s Mother, Aluel Majok Biography

Image of Athing Mu a professional american runner
Athing Mu is an American professional runner

Information about Aluel is unavailable as well. Moreover, she was born in South Sudan. Furthermore, she worked at a warehouse after immigrating to the US.

Unfortunately, there are no current reports about her whereabouts. Additionally, it seems like Aluel is keeping a low profile.

Athing Mu’s Siblings

Athing Mu has six siblings. Moreover, she is the second youngest. Only a few of her siblings’ names are revealed. One of her siblings is her older brother Malual; the other is Aut, her sister, and her other older brother Deng Mu.

Malual is also a track and field athlete at Penn State University. He was the one who discovered his sister’s talent for running. Moreover, Athing’s other older brother Deng Mu also played track.

According to an interview, Deng practiced with friends when his little sister started running on the track. The coach approached Deng and Athing’s brother, who was also part of the team. Furthermore, the coach said they wanted her on their team.

The Olympian’s siblings never fail to show their support to her. They even celebrated her success with the whole family.

Athing sure is lucky to have siblings and parents that she has right now.

Athing Mu’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameAthing Mu
Date of BirthJune 8, 2002
Professionmiddle-distance runner
Age (2022)19 years old
ParentsDeng Mu and Aluel Majok
SiblingsAut Mu, Malual Mu, and four others.

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