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Becky G Parents: Alejandra, Francisco Gomez, Siblings.

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Image of Becky G

Rebbeca Marie Gomez, more commonly known as Becky G, is a music artist hailing from Inglewood, California.

Moreover, the world first noticed Becky when she posted covers of popular songs on platforms like Youtube. However, it wasn’t until Shower in 2014 that she became a household name.

She released more hit tracks like Can’t Get Enough and Mayores.

Consequently, fans want to know more about who raised such an inspiring woman: Becky G’s siblings and parents, Alejandra and Francisco Gomez.

Becky G’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Becky G's parents, Franks and Alejandra Gomez
Francisco and Alejandra Gomez

Becky G has roots in Jalisco, Mexico, where her grandparents from both sides were born. Although, beginning with her parents, Alejandra and Francisco Gomez, who was born in the United States.

Francisco first met his eventual wife, Alejandra, while they were in high school in their local hometown.

A few years after their children, they had financial troubles and had to leave their home in Riverside County.

Consequently, they relocated to Inglewood with their grandparents. Nevertheless, the rest of her family kept a positive attitude and made the best out of their situation.

They are grateful that they went through that situation since it eventually led to young Rebecca finding her talent and becoming the best version of herself.

Becky G’s Father, Francisco Gomez

Image of Becky G with her father, Francisco Gomez
Becky G with her father, Francisco Gomez

Rebecca’s father is Francisco Gomez, who usually goes as simply “Frank.” Moreover, he was born in June 1974.

Additionally, his parents were from Mexico and immigrated to the United States.

Although they had to leave their home early on, it ended positively as his daughter is booming, and he has a position at Mattel, a toy company.

Becky G’s Mother Alejandra

Image of Becky G with her mother, Alejandra
Becky G with her mother, Alejandra

Alejandra, who is commonly known as “Alex,” is the mother of the Shower artist.

When they were going through financial troubles, Alejandra tried to stay positive and close with her daughter. When Becky wanted to get into entertainment, she supported her.

Becky G’s Siblings

Image of Becky G with her family
Rebecca with her family

Rebecca has three siblings, a pair of brothers and a little sister. Moreover, her brothers are Frankie and Alex.

Then, her sister is named Stephanie. But did you know that she has a half-sister as well? Indeed, she revealed that she had a step-sibling, Amber, who had just turned 18 years old in 2017.

Becky G’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Rebecca Marie Gomez


Singer and actress

Date of Birth

March 2, 1997

Place of Birth

Inglewood, California.

Age (2022)


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