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Bella Poarch Parents, and Siblings

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Bella Poarch Parents, and Siblings

Bella Poarch lived a rough childhood because of her adoptive parents. Read about how she worked on her father’s farm at just seven years old. Also, find out if the Tiktok sensation has siblings.

Bella Poarch Father

Bella Poarch was adopted by a Filipino mother and an American father. However, she keeps their names private. Bella had a distressing relationship with her father growing up.

When she was adopted at three years old, she lived and worked on a farm her father owned. Bella says that her father is cruel to her and her adopted brother. She would wake up at 3 AM to work on the farm. If she didn’t work every day, her father would not let her eat breakfast and even hit her. He would not even allow her to sit on the couch to watch TV.

Bella says that her father has PTSD from being in the army, so he treated her this way.


Bella’s father met her mother in Saudi Arabia while serving in the American army. Hence, they soon married and moved to The Philippines after. Whereas Bella’s mother is not abusive like her father, she wouldn’t stand up for her because she was scared of her father.

Bella Poarch parents facts

Bella Poarch adopted by a Filipino mother and an American father

Bella Poarch Joined Navy


Before her adoptive parents adopted Bella Poarch, she lived with her grandmother in the Philippines. Bella says in an interview that she lived with her biological grandmother until she was three years old. Moreover, she mentions that they were very poor and lived in the slums area of The Philippines. Furthermore, Bella says that she never met her biological parents and is not looking for them either. Consequently, she thinks it’s unnecessary and would be “awkward” to meet her real parents.

Additionally, her parents adopted her from her grandmother at the age of 3. Furthermore, she has kept in contact with her grandmother, but she passed in 2020.

Bella Poarch Siblings

Bella Poarch has two older sisters and one older brother. Bella says that because her two sisters were older, they got better treatment than her and her brother. Further, when her family moved to the United States, only Bella and her brother could go. Hence, her two older sisters remained in The Philippines. Additionally, Bella and her older brother are very close growing up.

Bella joined the navy in 2015. She says,

“it was the only way out”

because she would otherwise be left in the house with her abusive father.

Bella Poarch Joined Navy

Quick Facts

Name Denarie B. Taylor
Stage Name Bella Poarch
Date of Birth February 9, 1997
Occupation Social Media Personality
Siblings 4 Step Siblings

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