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Booboo Stewart Parents: Renee Stewart, Nils Allen Stewart Sr., Siblings

Image of Booboo Stewart from Vulkan Magazine

The Twilight Saga film is a hit movie that shook the world after its release. After playing their respective characters, celebrities who became cast members of the film started to gain more fans. Nils Allen Stewart Jr., also known as Booboo Stewart, is one of the celebrities who immediately became popular after the successful launch of the movie.

On January 21, 1994, he was born in Beverly Hills, California, the United States, to his parents, Renee and Nils Allen. Stewart also appeared on “Space Warriors,” “An Evergreen Christmas,” and “White Frog.”

Read this article to know more about the family details of Booboo Stewart. We will discuss her parents’ names, love life, Wikipedia-type biography, and Boboo’s siblings.

Booboo Stewart Parents Love Life

Image of Booboo Stewart's parents, Nils Allen Stewart and Renee Stewart
Booboo Stewart’s parents, Nils Allen Stewart and Renee Stewart

Although their four children have better lives, Renee and Nils are divorced. They have been married for a long time, and it was happy until the former couple announced to the public that they were going to part ways. 

Details regarding the couple’s wedding are not revealed to their fans, and the reason for the two parting ways is also unknown.

We will update this article once there is an update regarding the dating history of the former couple.

Booboo Stewart’s Mother, Renee Stewart

Image of Boobo Stewart with his mother, Renee Stewart
Booboo Stewart with his mother, Renee Stewart

People are wondering where the actor got his skills on acting. The answer is from her parents. Renee Stewart once became an actress and is now a filmmaker.

Her birthday and birthplace are not revealed in public. Moreover, she is on good terms with his four children. There are pictures of them on social media platforms that enjoy the company of each other.

Renee appeared in a few popular movies and tv shows, including “Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels,” “Warrior of Justice,” and “Skeleton Man.”

Booboo Stewart’s Father, Nils Allen Stewart Sr.

Image of Booboo Stewart's parents
Booboo Stewart’s parents

The father of the Twilight Saga star has also been praised many times before for delivering excellent acting skills. Nils Allen Stewart Sr. played the role of Orlando in the movie “The Mask.” Aside from that, he also became a part of “The Scorpion King” and “Space Cowboys.”

Booboo Stewart’s Siblings

Image of Booboo Stewart with his mother, Renee Stewart, and siblings
Booboo Stewart with his mother, Renee Stewart, and siblings

The 27-year-old actor has three siblings, Maegan Stewart, Fivel Stewart, and Sage Stewart. All of them are very active in the showbiz industry.

Maegan’s roles in movies were not easy. She was a cast member in “Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft,” “Wristcutters: A Love Story,” and “Koreatown.”

Fivel Stewart was born on November 4, 1996, and is now 25 years old. The 25-year-old actress has plate a lot of characters in various movies. She appeared in “Never List, The,” “Hope Bridge,” and “Logan.”

Sage Stewart was born in the year 2005 and enjoying the life of a 17-year-old teenager. So far, her career is also on the right track as she appeared in “The Amityville Murders,” “Saturday at the Starlight,” and “Tales of Halloween.”

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